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             23 January, 2021

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Pay Attention To Everything French

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2007-03-06 06:33:47     
Article by Shareen Aguilar

The French language is very interesting to learn for a person speaking as the first language and even to some who came from other parts of the world other than the U.S.A or other English speaking countries. But still for some, the French language just doesn't have any importance since anyone can speak English everywhere, right?

Wrong. In most of the European countries including France, English is nowhere to be heard unless in the hotels and err, in hotels. It's not always when you can find people willing to help you get on your way in full English. So keeping the attitude of just going with what is convenient could really get you in some sort of crisis one day.

This is the attitude that could get you off guard when you least expect it too. And this isn't only in speaking of the French language, there are other major international languages as well that doesn't appeal to a number of people at the moment unless time and occasion calls to learn it.

Even if you don't consider in learning the French language seriously, it would help to pay attention to movies with French lines once in a while so you'd have an idea how the simplest of conversation is done by the French or in France.

Aside from this, you won't feel compelled or obliged to learn something you don't want or need. This is the best part with this strategy since a person learns best when there's a natural flow happening with the way he takes in the information. In other words, when you voluntarily listen to French actors in the movies or eavesdrop to French people in conversation, there's big chance of you retaining what you've heard and eventually using it yourself.

The next time a friend talks to you in French or reads something in French, just volunteer your ears and mind. It certainly wouldn't harm you and you never know when it is useful to apply the French words on your own.

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