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How to learn English

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2007-03-06 06:32:56     
Article by Rick Martin

It is said that English language is difficult only in the first 25 years of study; after that, it's piece of cake to learn English. If that were true, why do people try so much to study English? For a huge bunch of reasons, but one is recurrent in almost 99.9% of the answers: good or advanced knowledge of English is always a valuable asset in a person's resume, which could sometimes make the difference.

That is why parents all over the world want their kids to learn English as early as possible in life, sometimes as early as nursery school age. That is why adults spent big money and hours on courses that would eventually help them study English and improve their speaking, writing, and communication skills, at least for what is largely known as business English or English for business purposes. Companies or corporations worldwide organize or send their employees to English language training sessions, so as to have solid ground in negotiating contracts with foreign partners and dealing with potential clients.

Basically, when you choose to study English, you need to clearly establish whether it is beginner, average or advanced level, business English or literary English, EFL or ESL (meaning, English as foreign language or English as secondary language). Consequently, courses, books and any other relevant materials need to be carefully chosen to help you learn English and meet your final expectations.

The truth is that millions of books offer English language courses, but they are all boring because of their structure. They all contain grammar rule explanations, vocabulary exercises, reading comprehension texts, pair work tasks and many other materials, considered useful by some of us. And still, most of the EFL/ESL books are missing something that is considered vital for students who want to learn English or master the English language: the necessary skills when you want to communicate with another person.

The focus on communication has become the core preoccupation for the modern teaching schools. Most of the people who want to study English are mainly concerned with acquiring enough basic vocabulary so that they can communicate with other native or EFL/ESL speakers. Moreover, they want to learn English quickly, because they don't have much time to dedicate to this task.

Quick and efficient learning can only occur when there is a sincere interest in what you are doing, which makes your subconscious mind ready to learn English. There are so many unpleasant things in life that we need to cope with. Learning a foreign language should be quite the opposite. How can you learn English and have fun at the same time? Through a different course in which you will live and breathe English all day long with the experts from movingoncourses.com.

MovingOn Courses are very intensive English courses targeted to help people learn English at different levels and for different purposes: either intensive weekend courses or week-long courses in various locations throughout Spain, or intensive summer courses to be held in England, Scotland and Ireland. What makes MovingOn courses unique is the new learning technique used, based on 12 hours of English per day under the direct supervision of qualified native English teachers, daily trips with teachers and other special activities during which English is spoken all the time.

MovingOn classes, both for adults and children, are small sized, comprising a maximum of 8 students per teacher, but usually the average is 6 students per native English teacher, so that all students benefit from equal attention and constant guiding. Although the daily structure greatly varies, the training days have been designed to enjoy and motivate student in their learning experience.

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URL: http://www.movingoncourses.com
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