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             03 July, 2020

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Why Would A Parent Want To Homeschool Their Children?

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2007-03-05 08:57:33     
Article by Kim Treptow

There are as many reasons for home schooling a child as there are families. Some of the most prominent reasons are...

Absolute control over the child's education: More and more public schools are letting our children down and they are not getting a quality education. Homeschooling your child puts you in control. If your child needs help in a particular area you can give him the one on one attention he needs to master that area. This will give him more confidence in life as he realizes that he can master the things that are hard for him. This usually cannot be accomplished in a public school. On the other hand, if they excel in a particular area and have an interest in it, they have the opportunity to reach their full potential in that particular area.

The ability to tailor your child's education to him: Again, this falls into the absolute control category. People have different learning styles, and there are many. Some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by actually doing, some by just reading about something, and most by a combination of all these things. Learning styles can even vary depending on which subject they are studying. In a public school it would be impossible for a teacher to tailor their lessons for every child. In the home school this is very possible. A parent can use different lessons and curriculum for each subject and can take the time to try different methods if a child is having a hard time grasping a particular concept. In a public school if a child cannot grasp something the teacher must move on as they are up against a time table of what they must cover for that particular year. If this problem is encountered in the home school, you can slow down and take all the time needed, it can even be postponed until another time if the child just isn't ready to grasp a concept.

Religious convictions: Some choose to home school their child for religious reasons. Religion is left out of public schools. A religious private school can be expensive and out of the question for some families. Even if a family can manage to send their child to a private school it still may not be a good option. Homeschooling your child can give you the opportunity to make the religion you believe in a part of your homeschool days.

Moral convictions: When my son attended public school for kindergarten I was absolutely shocked at some of the things he came home and told me. We even lived in a small town and my son went to one of the best schools in the district. I then realized he was spending his days with others that I would prefer he did not and there was really nothing I could do about it as long as he remained in public school. The town has since grown by leaps and bounds and that particular school as well as most in the area are overcrowded and riddled with problems. Other parents as well are shocked at the moral environment that our children are thrown into at public schools. Sending a child to public school often results in our children being exposed to people and morals we would prefer them not to be around. We have very little control over who our child spends their time with at a public school. With homeschooling it is possible for our children to be very well socialized and the parent to have more control and influence over the quality of people with which they spend their time.

A closer family relationship: In today's busy world most families live in the same house but barely have time to spend together or know each other. This can make the family dynamic suffer and ultimately the children. With homeschooling you have more time to just hang out with your children, get to know them and influence and direct who they become as adults. As the child grows older this closer relationship with his parents will give him the confidence he needs to succeed in life and they will be more likely to follow their parents direction and value their opinion.

In summary, whatever the reason for homeschooling a child. The failure of our public school system and the failure of the family unit in today's world can make homeschooling your children a very attractive option and in some situations, a very necessary option. The rise in home school's popularity and the success that families are having show that, for many families, it has become a very viable option. And, for many who have taken the road into home schooling, it has become one of the most rewarding journeys of their lives.

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