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             16 January, 2021

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How demanding are intensive week-end or summer courses?

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2007-03-05 08:56:51     
Article by Rick Martin

People of all ages find it easier to learn English or further study English language and literature through intensive week-end or summer courses. The thick unexciting books containing thousands of pages with grammar rules and explanations, vocabulary exercises, reading comprehension texts and many other grammar and vocabulary tests are no longer fashionable. Not even the online courses experience a constant assault from enthusiastic learners.

Naturally, we wonder why people want to study English only by taking intensive week-end or summer courses. And the answer is simple: not only that they learn English or improve their English in the shortest possible time, but they also have a lot of fun and extra leisure activities. Let's take MovingOn courses for example, courses that have become more and more popular and trendy lately.

MovingOn courses provide a different way to study English or improve your foreign language skills by means of intensive weekend or week-long courses to be held in various locations throughout Spain, or intensive summer courses which take place in England, Scotland and Ireland. During the training stages, students are exposed to English all day long, and they are forbidden to use their native language. Moreover, those who break this rule will have to pay a fine, which will be shared between all the students later.

Throughout the day, students who want to study English intensively are involved in all sorts of activities, all conducted by qualified native English teachers. Such intensive courses guarantee their students daily 12 hours learning experiences. 12 hours of hard work, specialized classes, one to one, afternoon classes, and leisure activities such as golf, horse riding, or kayaking. After all, students can loosen up a little bit, as long as they do that in English!

Intensive courses attract people who want to learn English quickly and don't have a lot of free time. For this particular reason, the teachers try to spend as much time as possible with their students. The students interested in taking intensive courses can be adults, business people, as well as young people 10 to 17 years old. The approach is different for all of these categories, to answer people's needs and interest. Furthermore, students share their accommodation with the teachers, so they will have to use English at all times. Even during meals, because teachers will be sitting next to them. This way, students have their teachers at hand at all times and they can practice real situations in the presence of their teachers.

During the intensive training sessions, the daily structure varies slightly in order to answer all students' interests and requests. The final goal is for students to enjoy their learning experience. Moreover, if students have a special interest in a particular area or field, let's say marketing or veterinary science, special classes can be arranged, as long as the requirements have been submitted before starting the courses.

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