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             28 February, 2021

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Fly Fishing Equipment

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2007-02-25 07:49:53     
Article by Angela Drummond

Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly rods
Fly fishing rods come in different sizes and with varying degrees of flexibility. It is very important that the fly fishing line used on a rod is correctly matched to the rod. If the line is too thick and heavy for a lighter rod, the casting action will be negatively affected or worse yet the rod could suffer permanent damage due to the stress. Rods are marked in sizes, from the lightest #0 or #1 to the stronger and much heavier #16 which is used predominantly for game fishing at sea.

There is a small margin of variance which can be considered when matching a line to your rod. It is usually safe to use a line rated for a rod either one size heavier or lighter than your own. In other words, if you have a 7wt fly fishing rod, it is safe to use a 6wt or 8wt line.
There is a difference between fresh water fly fishing rods and their saltwater counterparts. Saltwater rods generally need to handle stronger fish and need to cast heavier flies over longer distances; this means that the rods need to be heavier and stronger with a thicker line. Fighting butt reel seats and anti-corrosion fittings are necessary to ensure a longer life for these rods in a salty environment.
Fly fishing reels
These reels are sometimes referred to as casting reels. In fly fishing casting the line is pulled from the reel by hand as the other hand casts. The reel then comes into play when pulling the line back in with the rotation of the reel. As fly fishing has become more popular in conditions which place more demand upon the fly fisherman and his equipment, the technological enhancement of equipment has had to keep pace. These days there are specially produced reels for saltwater fly fishing and for those who are after larger fish.
Increased speeds in retrieving line as well as a reduction in friction are characteristics of newer reels. Another innovation is the use of disc drags which allow for smoother action and the use of much lighter tippets.

Fly fishing flies
Flies are extremely light and are attached to a piece of line known as a leader, which narrows from where it is attached to the line towards the fly end, called the tippet. The leader can vary in length between three to twelve feet. Sizes of flies vary greatly, size #2 being a larger fly and #22 being a rather small fly.

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