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             28 September, 2023

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Cave Diving

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2007-02-25 07:49:08     
Article by Jimmy Sturo

Diving in underwater caves may seem quite dangerous and only fit for the brave and adventurous types. However, more and more people are beginning to explore the exciting world of cave diving. Cave diving is a form of technical diving, which means that certificates and licenses from certified and recognized cave diving associations must be obtained prior to diving into a cave.

There are countless risks that accompany cave diving; hence, certified cave diving associations ensure the safety of cave divers by providing relevant training courses and cave diver certification. Cave diving training courses include the basics of cave diving, safety issues when cave diving, proper handling of the tools, and materials that one needs to operate while cave diving. Knowing how to properly operate the highly specialized devices used when cave diving is very important in reducing the risks that they may encounter when they reach lower cave levels.

Cave diving is steadily becoming more popular because of the beauty and tranquility that caves offer. Being able to explore natural unspoiled environments gives a feeling of being one with the earth, which is how some cave diving enthusiasts describe how they feel about cave diving. Cave divers also claim that each and every dive is an exciting and unique experience. Underwater caves are among the most beautiful and popular sites that cave divers observe. Underwater caves offer clear water visibility, enabling cave divers to observe geological formations that cannot be found elsewhere. Further, cave divers are also afforded the insight of knowing how the earth began and how life evolved by looking at the earth in a different perspective.

Cave diving is indeed difficult and is not suited for everyone. It is estimated that only one percent of all certified divers posses the knowledge, skill, experience, attitude, and judgment of becoming a cave diver. Training to be a cave diver is a very difficult process and earning a cave diver certification is something worthy of great pride.

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