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             08 December, 2023

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Using Your Inner Energy to Get Your Goal

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2006-07-01 22:01:59     
Article by Tiknan Tasmaun

The inner energy is a power that you all have . It is a big giving of God. By the way there are many people that still don't realize its exixtence.

Inner energy is a miracle power. It can be woken up by 'exercise'. Firsth of all, you must suggest your self. It is known as an auto suggesty. Say some magical words to your self before and after your sleeping everyday. The second is doing yoga exercise. Just sit down relaxly. The important thing is when you are taking a breath. Imagine that you are taking a big power from nature. Then the power comes to all part of your body. When you lose the air imagine that you lose your weaknes

Inner energy has many functions in our life. It is able to improve your sex ability. For improving your sex ability, it is better if you also eat some natural madicine. It is can made by your self. Mix the yellow of natural eggs with milk, pure honey and the water of ginger. After mixing then drink it! For more result you also be suggested using oil of egg. I provide it for you. It is called The Magic Oil Of Egg.

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