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             26 September, 2020

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Lost In CyberSPACE

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2007-02-19 08:05:04     
Article by Johannes Garrido

It's 2am and once again I find myself gazing hypnotically at my computer screen. "I'll be in bed in a few minutes Honey, I just have to check on a few things on the Net!," I yell to my wife upstairs but that was over two hours ago. I glance at the clock, now 2:01 am, and continue my fixation on the pixels of information that flow continuously across my computer screen. "What the HELL am I doing?," I silently implore. I'm not sure. I am lost in the world of cyberspace.

And it is not like I'm new to the internet. I have a few websites out. I subscribe to numerous mailing lists on internet marketing. I advertise daily. I have been involved or am currently involved in a number of internet income opportunities. I earn a solid income on the net.

Yet, just when I think I have finally found the Holy Grail of an opportunity and marketing approach, I quickly discover I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Whatever I thought I knew doesn't matter NOW. Whatever worked for me in the past may or may not work for me NOW. And RIGHT "NOW" is what counts most on the NET!

I find myself floating in cyberspace. being pulled by this fresh new idea and that hot new concept. I am lost, and quite frankly, "I Hate it.... and I L O V E I T!"

I am mixed in a feeling of duality. For on the one hand, I want control and crave stability. But at the same time, the endless possibilities on the net EXCITE me like few ever have. It is enough to drive a person insane!

Thus, in an attempt to establish a sense of control and order in my life, and plant a solid foundation in the eternally expanding universe of cyber information, I've created a set of what I'd like to call my CARDINAL RULES of Internet Marketing and Internet Life:

1. Advertise daily - If not, your career on the internet will come to a sudden halt.

2. Take some time away from your computer to nurture yourself and your loved ones - Although it may seem like a life, your Cyber World is not REAL LIFE. And if you don't pay attention to the things in life that really matter, you awake one day to find that they have withered and gone.

3. Align yourself with those whom are already doing well - They are the ones whom have come before you to blaze a trail. They know what works and what doesn't. Why try to reinvent the wheel?

4. Get the latest information - subscribe to the best marketing ezines to stay on top of the current trends.

And the most important rule of ALL:

5. AFTER TODAY, discard ALL the rules and create some new ones. The NET is always in a constant state of flux. Our Cyber World is dynamic and ever changing. If you adhere to the rules too strictly you will die an early marketer's death.

We're in the wild, wild west of cyber information. So in your marketing expeditions, be creative and original. Explore for yourself what works and what doesn't. But don't affix to strongly on your successes. Because at this point, lost in cyberspace is probably the safest place you can be.

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