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Put Your Web Site Into Over Drive With a Sales Letter, P2

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2007-02-19 08:03:45     
Article by Earma Brown

Are you making this mistake with your business web site? Too many business owners think of their site as simply an online brochure. They use it as a place to store their hours of operation and their service list. A different way has emerged for the small business owner.

Add a business sales letter and your web site can be used as an effective marketing tool. Used in the right way, it will spear-head many successful marketing campaigns for you in the near future. Use these 18 tips to put your web site marketing campaign into over-drive with a sales letter:

1. List the top ten to fifteen benefits of your product or service.

Put your list in bullet form. Always focus more on your benefits than the features. Explain your benefits. Benefits are what move people to act. For example, "This air conditioner (your product/ebook) will save you time, effort, energy and money because of the built in features." It creates more value if you said, "Think of all the time, energy and money this air conditioner will provide you with it's lifetime guarantee," instead of "This air conditioner will last a lifetime."

2. Write compelling copy.

Draw your reader in like a big fish on a hook. Entice them to want to know more and more. It takes practice but use the copy that sold you as a template. Use benefits including the interactive and the enticing format.

3. Add Testimonials.

Most everyone wants to know who else has used your service and had a good experience. Testimonials speak up for your product or service. They act as a referral and even an endorsement. The compliments from another customer helps melt away your prospect's fears and doubts about buying from you online.

4. Make your offer more than once.

Give your prospects three to four chances to buy. Some may be ready to buy before they even get to your sales letter, so place "Buy Now" information at the top and sprinkle a few more buying opportunities along the way after your list of benefits, your guarantee, your summary of the book's features, and your testimonials.

5. Add value to your sales pitch with bonus gifts.

Make a list of bonus gifts. Select the bonus gifts before you write the sales letter. This way you can include the benefits in your sales message as a part of your product.

6. Make your copy effective.

If you have written your sales letter in one sitting; it's not as effective as it could be. Write it one day and then revise the next day. Read it out loud. To measure how effective it is, look at how people read it versus how many actually buy. Install a hit counter to measure your success.

7. Write short sentences and paragraphs.

Short sentences and paragraphs will help the readability of your copy. Especially, if your letter is long, you will have better success with keeping the attention of your prospect.

8. Make your copy error-free.

If you have misspelled words or incomplete sentences, you will lose sales. Design your copy to be specific. Vague copy will also hinder your sales. It will prompt a lot of questions. If you are getting sales without questions, you know you have done a good job with your sales copy.

Don't wait to write your business sales letter. If you don't do it now, you could be this time next year with the same dreary, unprofitable response from your web site. Hire a 24/7 salesman (your business sales letter) and put your web site marketing into over drive to maximum sales.

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