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             26 November, 2020

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Driving Traffic to Your Site Using Viral Videos

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2007-02-18 07:13:42     
Article by Matthew Mitchell

What is a viral video? Viral videos are those things that get passed around the internet like wild fire. Without any incentive people share a video clip with everyone they know. And within days millions of people have seen the video clip.

This is a marketer's dream. Where else could you have millions of people evangelizing your message and actively seeking it out?

Lets say you've got a great clip and you're ready to unleash it on the public. How do you drive traffic to your site as a result of your video? There are a number of ways that are effective in communicating the message without getting in the way of the video.

One of the most effective ways is to include your sites name within the video as part of the environment. A video released my Marc Ecko showed him tagging Air Force One. The video was fake but his website stillfree.com was clearly the star as he spray painted his URL on the famous airplane. Because it was believable millions of people watched the video and passed it around. As a result his clothing line and his website got a lot of recognition.

The next best way to drive traffic is to include a link close to the video on YouTube and Google Video. This way viewers can easily find the source for the video.

When you have them on your site encourage them to share the video through an email form. As they share the clip from your website they are passing links back to your site in every email they send.

The reason why viral videos have become a phenomenon is through social networks. Use these to your advantage and provide the links necessary for your videos to be shared within these networks.

A sure way to ruin a clip is by having too much commercial overtone. This is done by flashing the URL too many times during the clip or having an obvious sales pitch as the main focus.

The future of advertising is viral so embrace the idea early. In the mean time start thinking of the perfect viral video to promot your website.

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