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             14 May, 2021

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VIDEO: A New Age of Information Exchange is at Hand

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2007-02-18 07:01:21     
Article by Phil Sottile

Just ask youtube.com if video will become a standard by which information exchange is measured! 5 years ago, I knew that once perfected, video would become the medium that we would reach out to one another. Not unlike the Jetsons' videophone, video is making strides to become the standard in which we link up to one another. From silly parodies, to starwars kids, to idiotic jackasses, video is finding itself to be the way we share more of ourselves with everyone that does not know us.

The entire medium has been set up to adjoin us into a "Level one" society as noted Theoretical Physicist, Miccio Kaku refers to it. A level one society being a populous all adjoined by a common ground of communication (let's say English) in a web of technological connectivity. The advent of the internet and now bringing video so much to the forefront accomplishes yet another step in our evolution of becoming a race that will begin to reach outside of the proverbial fishbowl into other areas of our galaxy to advance our society...HOPEFULLY!

With this newly acquired power comes great responsibility. How we share information, what we say, and HOW we say it now comes to the forefront of communication for people all around the world. We can use this useful tool to unravel our society or bring it closer together in an effort to share information and knowledge. All too often do we use these great tools to undo our advancement and share stupidity...just ask every idiot out in our world that posts videos of themselves running through fences! Or, ask the morons who post and show "cat-fights" between junior high or high school girls!

Why don't we try to use this amazing medium to acquire and distribute all the knowledge we can and bring together the combined strengths of those persons that never had a voice before video to advance the barriers of understanding, intelligence, logic, sense, and feeling. We can be a great people if we choose to be. The people just need that light to shine the way. Take responsibility and be a light!

Phil Sottile is a noted expert in the area of Fitness Sciences and Sports Medicine. His use of instructional video has helped many people to acquire a level of knowledge in their fitness programs, delivering a personalized information exchange that leverages video in a manner that is seldom seen, as it attempts to help people find a portal to open minded information and points of view.

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