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             13 July, 2020

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RSS Marketing Power

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2007-02-17 08:27:33     
Article by S. Falkow

"RSS is a technology that has the potential of overcoming many of the internet marketing challenges we are facing today," says Hrastnik of the RSS Diary. "It's becoming a strong, if not preferred, content delivery vehicle."

RSS is a simple to use content delivery tool for marketers and publishers, which allows them to easily get their content delivered to end-users, without it being stopped by any spam filters or similar problems along the way. Hrastnik says that the RSS marketing and business opportunities range from general marketing communications, direct marketing, PR, advertising, customer relationship management, online publishing, e-commerce to internal enterprise communications and internal knowledge management.

The greatest appeal to RSS is that it's really an all-encompassing marketing and communications channel, which can be used to power most of your online marketing activities.

RSS is now mainstream. It's gaining popularity with readers of USAToday.com, the NYTimes.com and is now even on the AARP website. Adding useful and relevant content to your website is one of the best ways to increase your search engine visibility and keep visitors coming back to the site.

Successful marketing online depends on building trust and relationships. To build a relationship you have to have a reason for them to come back. If you offer them a flow of useful and relevant content you become a credible source of data. PRESSfeed makes it easy to add newsletters, press releases, updates and articles to your website instantly - without having to know web design or HTML. Placing them in an RSS feed and syndicating the content adds power to your online marketing.

Sally Falkow is founder and co developer of PRESSfeed, an RSS service for marketing and PR use. She is co-author of The Power of Online Syndication in Public Relations.

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URL: http://www.press-feed.com
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