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Best Places to Sell Domain Names

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2007-02-15 06:54:26     
Article by Zach Bastick

Domain names are the new real estate. They are cheap, which makes them a low risk investment, and they are unique, which makes them valuable. This is a great reason to jump on bandwagon and sell domain names. To start investing and then sell domain names successfully, you need to go out and register a domain name first, and base this registration on keyword research and domain valuation techniques (I suggest that you read an informative ebook). But the one thing that most people wonder is where to sell domain names. In this article I will go over some of the most popular places to sell domain names.

The large majority of high profile domains sell on domain brokerage sites. These are specialized sites which sell domain names in exchange for a share of the profits. This commission generally ranges between 2% to as high as 18%, depending on the services that you use from the brokerage. So what services do these brokerages offer in order to justify their commission? Firstly, they make it easier to sell domain names by putting buyers in contact with sellers. Your domain names will be included in a searchable database of domains. The high prominence of these sites attract many high profile buyers and big investors, who are attracted by the large selection of domain names and the ease of finding domain names through search. Secondly, brokerages make it safer to sell domain names by providing escrow services.

Escrow services are an important element of the process to sell domain names, especially for large transactions. The way that escrow services work is that when you sell domain names, the buyer sends the money to the escrow company, instead of sending it directly to you. Upon receiving notification from the escrow company that it has received the money, you then transfer the domain to the buyer. After informing the escrow company of the transfer, the money is transferred to you. This is an important process for anyone wanting to sell domain names at high prices.

Once you are comfortable with brokerages, you should look for other, less formal places to sell domains. Domain name forums will help you sell domain names while gaining knowledge on the industry at the same time. But beware: domain name forums offer no escrow services, and scams are pulled off often. When you use forums to sell domain names, never transfer your domain before receiving your money. Always check the domain forum to grasp an understanding of the buyer's attitude: does he post informative posts? Is he a constructive member of the forum? Has he scammed anyone before? Finally, favor forums which offer a rating system for domain name transactions. Most forums do, but stay away from those who don't: if you sell domain names, you need to be sure of your buyer before starting a transaction.

Where ever you sell domain names, you need to invest in the correct domain name from the start. There is no point in selling bad domains, no matter where you plan to sell them. In order to be sure that you chip in on the best opportunities, I highly suggest that you invest in, and obviously read, a domain ebook. Good Luck!

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