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             23 January, 2021

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Affiliate Blogs: How To Get Rich From Single-Post Blogs

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2007-02-15 06:49:41     
Article by Angela Booth

Affiliate marketers can make much more money by becoming affiliate bloggers.

If you've ever created a Web site, you know that it's something of a hassle, even if you're starting with a template. This means that as an affiliate, you're promoting fewer products than you could, and making much less income. Blogging provides a quick solution.

Don't Create an Affiliate Web Site - Create a Blog

For your next product promotion, don't set up a Web site, create a blog. (A blog is a Web site, after all.) You can set up a Blogger or WordPress.com blog in a minute or two. If you choose to set up WordPress on your own domain, many Web hosting companies include free solutions like Fantastico in their hosting package. Fantastico delivers a one-click WordPress installation.

A Blog Gives You an Instant Affiliate Promotion's Page

If you're like most affiliate marketers, you have dozens of products you'd like to promote, if only you had the time. By creating a series of single-product, single-page affiliate blogs, you've got plenty of time to promote all the products which catch your eye.

So when you're choosing a new affiliate product to promote don't create a Web site, just create a new blog, titled with the name of your affiliate product, and write a single post. Then hey presto, an instant sales page for your new promotion.

Since blogs are crawled and indexed by the search engines very quickly, your sales page will be available to Web searchers within a day or two, maximum.

You can promote this single-product affiliate blog in all the ways you normally would - via Pay Per Click advertising, article marketing, and posts on forums. In much less time than it takes to create a simple single-page Web site, you can create a dozen blogs.

What About Affiliate Review Sites?

If you choose to review three or more products on your blog, you can simply create as many more additional blog posts as you need.

In affiliate marketing, time is money. By creating affiliate blogs, you've given yourself much more time, and you can promote many more products.

Want to know how to become a wealthy affiliate blogger? Angela Booth's ebook, "Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger -- in your PJs, if you want," reveals the secrets of blogging for high income. Read the ebook's blog to learn more, and discover how to join the ranks of affiliate bloggers.

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