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             20 March, 2023

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Blogs - Search Engines Supposedly Love Them But People, It Seems, Do NOT!

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2007-02-15 06:46:46     
Article by Gary Simpson

I have read, ad-nauseum that search engines absolutely LOVE blogs. Blogs, of course, are web-logs.

For those who may be unsure, a "blog" is when somebody sets up a journal or diary on matters that interest them. An therein lies the key.

I have read many blogs, hundreds of them, in fact, during some general web surfing that I do from time to time and I have to say that, almost without exception, most blogs that I have read are DEAD-SET boring! They are full of meaningless twaddle.

Even the so-called masters of internet marketing who write regular blogs often struggle to come up with interesting material.

Now, I did say above that "almost" every blog is dead-set boring. Some are mildly interesting. Some contain a bit of humor. Some contain a modicum of useful information. Some have visitors who make intelligent remarks. And some, very few, have a combination of all of the above. Most, however, do not. They are simply - BORING.

To test my assertion that people do not like blogs just look at the complete lack of comments that people OTHER than the blog owners themselves make. Most often you will see a series of entries and a series of 0, 0, 0 ,0, 0 and 0 in the comments areas.

The only exceptions to this seem to be where there are a large number of people in a "community" who discuss points of interest related to a particular subject.

But if you are Joe or Josephine Citizen trying to write an online journal - FORGET IT! All you will be doing is hanging your washing out to dry. People will not be interested in your musings and ramblings.

Maybe search engines do love blogs but the evidence suggests that people find most of them boring.

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