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How Important Is Your E-Mail Address To Your Business?

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2007-02-13 06:55:21     
Article by Jack Zenert

Do you use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get your e-mail. If you are using their 'conveniently' provided e-mail addresses for your business then you are at risk - future marketing costs, poor customer service, and lost business!

I just talked to a small business owner that had her Internet service cut off. It was only an administrative error, but it caused her 2 weeks without Internet and e-mail, and was enough to make her change Internet service providers. So now she has to notify all her contacts to let them know she has a different e-mail address - that is how I found out about her dilemma.

But that is just the beginning. She will now have to change her business cards, her brochures, flyers, etc. And what about that add in the yellow pages. Or all the business directories her business is listed with. Maybe she just spent money on a direct marketing campaign - what about those contacts. And just think about all those business cards that she may have handed out over the last months or years.

Another small business owner recently moved to a new and larger location. You expect that you have to change marketing information after a move like this, but you want to maintain contact with as many clients and prospects as you can through the move. But unfortunately the ISP she had at her old location is not available at her new office. So keeping that old e-mail address provided by the old Internet provider is not feasible.

Another scenario is when your ISP informs you that your e-mail address is changing. It is a wonder that this does not encounter outrage from business owners. Both Shaw (changed from name@home.com to name@shaw.ca) and telus (from name@telusplanet.net to name@telus.net) have done this over the last number of years. This causes large cost, and untold lost prospects and business to the small business owners.

So what is the solution? GET YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME! For around $10 to $25 per year you can get your own domain name that you own and control. For another $25 to $50 per year you can use that domain name for all your business e-mails. (And if you want to spend another $100 plus you can have a very basic web site to promote your business).

With a little work, or with your local Internet techie's help, you can set up your e-mail program to work with that domain name to handle all your business e-mails. And never have to worry about someone else controlling your business contact information!

Do it now!

Jack Zenert believes that marketing is the key to success in your business.

Jack has created several successful businesses, and now consults with business and associations on improving their marketing

- Improve your Sales

- Get online Results Now

- The information you need to reach the top

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