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Affiliate Web Marketing-How To Create Your Theme-Based Site That Pulls In High Affiliate Sales

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2007-02-12 06:23:43     
Article by Sam Ayodeji

To be successful in affiliate web marketing, it is essential for you to create a theme-based site that will give valuable information and presell the affiliate program you are participating in. For this site to pull in lots of affiliate sales, then you must make it rich in information. How do you make it rich in information? You must fill your theme-based site, with valuable content that is related to the affiliate program you are promoting. This is how to be successful in affiliate web marketing.

How to create an info packed theme-based site that will make your affiliate web marketing campaign a success:

1. Go to www.blogger.com to sign up for a blog and choose a topic related to the affiliate program you want to promote.

Example: If you what you want to promote is south beach diet, then the topic of your blog can be south beach diet tips. You can also use this for the url of your website.

2. Write informative articles related to the affiliate program(s) you want to promote.

Example: As in the case of the south beach diet example above, write articles about how people can get south beach diets easily, what they should avoid if the diet plan is to work,and so on.

3. Link all of the informative articles you've written above, to a page where you'll pre-sell the website that you promote, with your affiliate link to their website. Pre-selling is a way of writing about the website you want to promote, their features, benefits, special offers and so on.

4. Make sure you post all of the informative and pre-selling articles on your blog. This way you'll be creating a hub of valuable information that will pull in high affiliate sales.Using the four steps above, in creating an informative theme-based site,has helped me increase my affiliate sales by a huge percentage. You can also use them to your advantage today. The next step is to learn how to increase your conversion ratio and make huge affiliate sales.

Do you want to discover more about how I increase my conversion ratio to make huge affiliate sales? Then visit my website for a powerful special report where you'll learn my strategies for a high conversion ratio which will bring you huge affiliate sales.

The special report is titled - "How To Increase Your Conversion Ratio & Make Huge Affiliate Profits Without Any Hassle."

Grab this powerful special report now as it might not be available again.

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