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             02 March, 2021

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Today's Vacuum Cleaner Makers Offer A Wide List Of Options And Features To Choose From For Buyers

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2007-02-07 22:12:59     
Article by Tim Gorman

The list of vacuum cleaner makers has grown as extensive as the makes, models and features available for each type of vacuum cleaner. It seems each year a new name enters the vacuum cleaner maker market offering something different to this basic household appliance.

A vacuum cleaner is no longer your basic household appliance, it is an air filtration system or a robotic toy that propels itself across the floor picking up dirt and dust particles along the way..

The vacuum cleaner makers are in a war for the hearts, floors and the dollars of the household consumer. Some of the vacuum cleaners have a separate tool kit so that the user can fit all the added parts into the canister. Some of the vacuum cleaners come in bright colors to catch the designer's eye.

Today's vacuum cleaner buyer has such a wide list of options and features to choose from when purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, that it makes choosing the right vacuum cleaner a daunting tasks. All of these features do not enhance the cleaning experience. Some of the features are just added to justify price

If the choice for the vacuum cleaner is based on the number of cool features rather than price, then the higher priced vacuum cleaner makers like Dyson or Oreck offer several high priced options. These units have a nozzles and extended cords and bright colors that add to the price but do little for function.

Dyson, a British vacuum cleaner maker, creates high end brightly colored feature rich models that Americans are buying in record numbers. Oreck only sells vacuum cleaners on television and from their own stores. Oreck vacuum cleaners are ranked high for their reliability and features but also come with a high price tag.

High priced specialty vacuum cleaner makers like Aerus and Roomba have niche markets. Aerus is the maker of the convenient central vacuum cleaner units. These units are the most convenient and the most expensive. Roomba is the maker of the robotic vacuums.

On the lower end of the price scale are the popular Dirt Devils and Eureka's lower cost models. These vacuum cleaners are available at the local Wal-Mart stores and the prices start as low as $19.99 for the stick vacuum cleaner models.

The makers of the Hoover vacuum cleaners still offer solid mid-priced units. Hoover is one of the oldest names in the vacuum cleaner industry. The units are still available but continue to lose market share to the moreinnovative vacuum cleaner makers.

Another solid long time vacuum cleaner maker is the Kenmore brands sold by Sears. The Kenmore lines continues to hold market share and popularity with buyers because it is a solid built units comes in several models with different price points and is backed by the name of Sears.

The Eureka brands offer some of the lowest cost canister models and also low end price point models like the stick vacuum cleaner or another price conscious choice might be the Euro-Pro stick vacuums.

Every feature for every vacuum cleaning chore is available on the market. The price varies from a low of under thirty dollars to over one thousand dollars depending on the added features. Since almost everyone owns a vacuum cleaners, buying one is one of the basic grown up tasks that has to be done. A vacuum cleaner is just an appliance of convenience, but buying one has become a high stress point in life.

For more information on popular vacuum cleaner makers try visiting http://www.shoppingforvacuumcleaners.com, a popular website that offers vacuum cleaner tips, advice and resources to include information on Dyson, Eureka, Dirt Devil and Oreck vacuum cleaners.

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