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             27 February, 2021

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Understanding The Gas Heater

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2007-02-07 22:10:48     
Article by Michelle Bery

From the dawn of man, we have tried to understand the energy that has been at our fingertips. Today, in the modern world, we continue to find ways to harness this energy; letting it work for us in the most efficient way possible with an eye to the environment and cost-efficiency. The methods in which we heat our home are varied in process and price. The gas heater, one of the more popular heating sources, has several factors that differentiate it from electric and oil.

A gas heater, as seen in the home, is controlled by a central thermostat. When the heat is elevated by the thermostat, the furnace - the system in which the fuel is stored - ignites the gas fuel to make heat. The burning gas travels through a heat exchanger. The air surrounding this hot metal heat exchanger naturally heats as well. This warm air is then pumped through vents located throughout the home and subsequently the temperature in the home rises.

The use of a gas heater is significantly less expensive than the use of an electric heater. However the use of gas doesn't come without its risks. A furnace that is any way leaking or cracked can release dangerous carbon monoxide - a natural by-product of the burning of fuel. Because carbon monoxide can neither be seen nor smelled, it can fill a house without residents even being aware of its presence. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. Therefore, if you have a gas heater, it is absolutely essential that you have your furnace checked on a yearly basis for any cracks or leaks that can inadvertently release carbon monoxide into your home. Further, carbon monoxide detectors should be mounted on each level of your home to help detect the poisonous gas should it be released.

The safe and responsible use of a gas heater can be an enormously cost-effective and efficient way to heat a home. Those interested in installing a gas heater should acquire the services of a licensed, reputable installation professional.

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