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             01 December, 2023

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Bodyweight Playground Training for Ultimate Physical Fitness

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2007-02-04 23:07:21     
Article by John Grube

We all have been to the playground as children and had great time running and playing, and we never seemed to get tired, why ? Because we enjoyed it.

This is what we seem to forget as adults, we forgot how to enjoy the playground, the playground is still a great way to have fun and build a great level of fitness.

There are so many playgrounds in every city that are not used or are abused, kids now stay indoors and play video games and get fat, this is what adults are doing too.

If we learned to have fun while getting in shape, the results would be unbelievable, if we make exercise a chore we will not continue an exercise program.

Men are supposed to be physically fit, not weak, soft people, yet this is what most men have become, soft and weak.

Check out the books in the book store, these books are for the man looking for the easy way out, the weak man, the man looking to get abs, the pathetic man.

Most of us make excuses for ourselves and their really is no excuse for being weak, we can get physically fit in a very short time if we would think outside the box.

The playground is a great place to build a high level of fitness in a short period time, and it's free.

Strength and endurance will be built at a speed that you can't receive in the gym, the whole body will work as one and that will equal better results in record time.

Pushups, dips, squats, sprints, isometrics, pullups you name it, you can do it in the playground, and you will never get bored.

Swings in the playground are a great workout tool for building great strength and stability, exercises like flys, pushups, and dips will build a great core and power throughout the body.

You can build strength and endurance at the same time cutting your workout time in half, you can't beat it.

One exercise you can try is: The fly pushup with two swings.

Grab two swings, get in a pushup position, do one pushup, now bring your arms out to your sides ( like a doing a fly with dumbbells ), bring your arms back in and do another pushup, continue this for 5 to 6 reps and tell me how your chest, shoulders, and core feel.

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