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How Bad Do You Want to Lose Weight-Don't Hesitate to Read This Article

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2007-02-04 23:07:05     
Article by Paul Vann

In 1988, I decided to resign my regular appointment in the United States Air Force to work in private industry. Corporate America came knocking on my door, Mobil Oil Company to be exact.

After working for Mobil Oil for one and a half years, the Air Force made me an offer to return to military duty. I thought about it a bit and then I asked the only question that needed to be asked. Where will I be assigned?

The Air Force wanted to assign me to the Pentagon. How could I refuse this offer, I accepted it. A few things had to take place prior to returning to duty, things such as a background check, physical examination, and coordinating with movers.

The background check was no problem because I had a clean record. Coordinating with the movers was a piece of cake and I hired a property management company to find a tenant for my house. The challenge for me came with losing weight.

For those of you who don not know it, Southeast Texas has an eclectic list of foods to eat, notably cajun foods. I gained over 30 pounds in less than two years because I stopped working out.

My challenge was to lose 30 pounds in three weeks. If you betted against me, you would have lost. I took on what is the ultimate weight lost challenge and I went to work.

On my first day of training I went to the gym and weighed myself, then I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes and stretched for 30 minutes. Mind you when I commit to something I go all the way.

The next morning I went to the gym and participated in a aerobics class for an hour, then after work I ran a mile around the track.

On day three I lifted weights, stretched and rode the stationary bike. In the evening I ran two miles around the track.

On day four I went to my aerobics class and rode the stationary bike. After work I ran three miles.

Day five I rode the treadmill, stretched and rode the stationary bike. After work I ran four miles around the track.

I continued this process for three consecutive weeks, this is called progressive training. Do you think you can guess how much weight I lost? The bottom line is I lost 33 pounds.

The morning of my physical exam with the Air Force, I ran two miles, rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes and went in the steam room for a half hour.

The first thing I told the doctor to do was to weigh me. I got on the scales and was within my allowable weight limit. Immediately after the weigh in I drank as much sugar filled drinks I could find.

My determination to return to the Air Force was not a game for me, in fact had it not been for my decisive action, likelihood is I would not have retired from the military four years ago.

You do not have to take your weight lost goals to the limit like I did, however through consistent focus you can lose any amount of weight you want.

The best way to approach weight lost is one day at a time. You must be willing to sacrifice the goodies, for me I stopped eating fast food, fried food, candy, sodas, and I did not use any condiments on my food. I took away mayonnaise and substituted it for mustard, salt and sugar were also replaced.

I advise you to drink lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables without a lot of the salad dressing. Last but not least get plenty of sleep because you can lose weight while you are sleeping. Have a great attitude about what you are going to achieve and do not waiver.

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