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             06 March, 2021

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WoW Gold Making Guide-A Few Spots To Get Rich In

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2007-01-27 21:41:22     
Article by Simon Fields

One of the most important aspects of the game is making gold and I have put together a quick WoW Gold Making Guide for you if you are struggling! This WoW Gold Making Guide is just a few spots I have found in the game that are good for WoW Gold Making.

The first place I am going to tell you about in this WoW Gold Making Guide is Azshara and this is excellent for just grinding! There are two ways you can do this if you don’t like taking risks then just kill as many blood elves as you can here.

Although if you like a bit of risk you should hunt down the demons here, as they drop better items and you can make quite a lot of gold of these!

The second place you should go to in this WoW Gold Making Guide is the Eastern Plaguelands and this is also another easy place for WoW Gold Making. You should kill as many Zombies ac you can here as they are quite easy to kill and drop loads of gold.

The third place you should visit that is slightly harder to do, you will probably need a group of you to do this is Dire Maul Tribute. You can make quite a lot of gold here if you have a group of you ands should just runt his again and again to fully reap the rewards here.

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