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CCNA Advice

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2007-01-27 21:39:20     
Article by Marcus Peterson

CCNA advice refers to guidance that can be made use of to attend the CCNA test successfully. The following points may be kept in mind as part of the preparation for the CCNA.

There is no need to fear the test. There are no negative marks for wrong answer. All answers are final; you cannot return to a question once you have answered it. Thus each question has to be carefully considered. The practical can be done at your convenience. Practice as often as you can and save time during the certification examination. Good practice will provide better time management and make sure that there is sufficient time to answer the multiple choice and theory questions.

There are various CCNA books such as Sybex CCNA book by Todd Lammle and the Cisco press book by Wendel Odum. Lilligren grades topics according to their importance in the CCNA examination. To attend the CCNA examination, one needs to know subnetting very well. Knowledge of bit masks and network addresses will help to pass the examination. SemSim is the internationally established CCNA exam router. SenSim software helps to understand networking concepts. It also provides a classroom quality-learning environment at a reasonable price.

The fee for appearing in the CCNA examination is about $125-$150 per sitting. To save valuable time and money, one has to be better prepared. Many good and bad exam routers are available. A good exam router should be complete and accurate. Good training makes you familiar with all the key commands needed. Adequate training makes the examination simple, clean and fast. CCNA certification indicates that you possess a very strong foundation and apprentice level knowledge of networking. However, there are different CCNA tracks that may or may not be the most appropriate for the certification goals. Tough exam preparation tools, combined with experience, will ensure that you have the edge to succeed.

CCNA provides detailed information on CCNA, CCNA Certifications, CCNA Exams, CCNA Training and more. CCNA is affiliated with Fiber Optics Training.

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