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             13 May, 2021

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Future of Wireless Browsing - WAP

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2007-01-24 22:25:05     
Article by Pradeep Ataria

Hanheld portable wireless devices are extremely convenient to carry, so they are generally WAP enabled. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) allows users to access electronic information instantly on devices such as smartphones, mobile phones, two-way radios, pagers and communicators. To fit into a tiny portable wireless device, WAP uses a micro browser. Micro browser is software that makes minimal demands on memory, CPU and hardware. And on the wireless network side it’s constrained by less bandwidth and more latency. WAP enabled pages are reduced version of JavaScript which are text files written in WML and WMLScripts, with .wml extensions.

WAP Communication

WAP enabled devices lieu usage of WAP protocols. These protocols are designed for optimized data transport performance over wireless networks. And are complete binary-based protocols which work on top of common Internet User Datagram Protocol (UDP/IP). There are two major versions in current scenario which supports WAP protocol i.e.
1. WAP 1.x
2. WAP 2.x (New Standard)

WAP application includes:

• M-billing - notification and payment of bills
• M-commerce - ticket purchases, reservations and shopping
• M-care - customer service and payment status
• Finance – bank statements, funds transfer and shares trading
• Travel - scheduling, advisories and reservations
• Enterprise access - inventory, shipment & sales updates and email access
• Messaging - communication and collaboration
• Smart services - traffic reports, parking information and event recommendations

How to access WAP?

• You need a GPRS or WAP enabled handset.

• Your SIM card must be enabled for WAP or GPRS access. To confirm activation of your GPRS or WAP services contact your service provider.

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