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             26 January, 2021

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Would You Make the Best Dressed List

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2007-01-22 22:28:09     
Article by Gerri D Smith

In any and every given moment of your life, you are either in command of yourself, or you are being commanded. Guy Finley

Keeping a wardrobe that is complete and always new is rare. The costs of buying clothing today and with the constant change in styles, bargains are a treasure. There is a definite challenge to being well dressed at all times, especially on a limited budget. For working women this is difficult, yet, it can be done.

The key is in the planning. It takes money to build a wardrobe, or to start over from one season to the next. When you plan your wardrobe, keep in mind your particular style or look. If you find yourself asking questions like, What on earth will I wear today? Or, I have got absolutely nothing to wear! Another favorite is to telephone a few friends to see what they are going to wear. If you find yourself doing any of these, then, your goal is to plan.

Asking yourself some of the following questions may prove helpful:

Does your wardrobe consist of more than 20% of clothing you have not worn in over a year, thinking they may come back in style? Do you own enough accessories to start your own craft store? How often do you make impulse purchases? Before purchasing, do you allow enough time to actually try on the garments?

Answering these questions may make you frown, but these fashion problems are not uncommon. Just realizing what your fashion sense is, is the first step.

Getting to know your own particular styles including the strengths and weaknesses of your figure type is a start. Make a point to focus on a clear image of what you consider being well dressed. Knowing what you like, want, and what looks well on you are important. Buy only what suits you best and not rely on the opinion of someone else. Nor should you base your decision only on what is currently popular.

Fashion is distinctive to each individual and does not need to be classified into a standard mold. Let your own taste dictate your fashion and beauty behavior. Pay attention to fashion and beauty magazines and adjust your taste to the fashions that are made available. Rather then being blindly led to something that may just be the popular style of the moment, adjusting your style is the better way to go.

Where do you start to build a best-dressed wardrobe? Start at the beginning and learn to stretch your fashion dollars by saving any clothing you already have. Make an inventory of what you have in your closet. Most of us usually make two main divisions. One is your summer-wear; the other is your winter wear. Stay within reason and keep anything that is still useful and in good condition. Just try not to cling to any clothing, even for sentimental reasons, that have not been worn for over a year. They only take up space.

Dresses, suits and coats are your most important investment and should be cared for properly. Upon removing them at the end of the day, be sure to immediately hang them up on their individual hangers. Check for spots and stains, and if necessary, brush them off and air them first before putting them away.

In dressing well, the other parts of your wardrobe include your shoes and accessories. Shoes are a major item and must be kept clean and in shape as often as possible. Constantly walking along cemented sidewalks can be a death march to your shoe heels and soles. Have them repaired as frequently as possible and discard shoes when they are unsalvageable.

Accessories are additional items that may be the central aim of your outfit. Give them your attention. Jewelry items must be sparkling clean. Any traces of tarnish on silver pieces can be cleaned with silver polish. Soap and warm water may be applied to jeweled rings, except on pearls, to remove dust and dried soap on the stones or settings. A little soap and water rinse, and even a little rubbing alcohol on many costume pieces can bring back the shine.

With a little planning, a lot of care, and special thought to your wardrobe purchases, you can add life to your clothing and have a closet that will rival any superstar. Dressing well is a sign of your self-esteem. And self-esteem is a part of your personal development. Without it, you may not be motivated to pay any special attention to the way you dress. Go do, and be well dressed!

Gerri creates fashions for those who love to dress for elegant evenings and special occasions. Elegance connotes a sense of luxury and is not only a matter of style, grace, glamour, and sophistication; a regal, almost queenly bearing, elegance is also about beauty. It is found where beauty and style intersect with your imagination.

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