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             26 October, 2020

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How Software Outsourcing Can Save You Money!

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2007-01-21 22:56:04     
Article by Edward M. Brancheau

"The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it." ~~ Alphonso Jackson -- Secretary of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

How Software Outsourcing Can Save Money

Pay an person outside of your company to finish a software proposal for you and you could discover yourself saving a ton of money in the process. This is a concept which may appear counterintuitive to some people but those who have embraced the concept of outsourcing understand the cost savings associated with the process is one of the many benefits. Outsourcing results in an overall cost savings for a vast list of reasons. Outsourcing contributes to reduced labor costs and greater productivity. In addition, outsourcing effectively increases manpower giving companies diverse capabilities.

Reduced Labor Costs

For many people the most important rationale for outsourcing is to lower labor costs. Employers may not be obligated to offer benefits such as social security, Medicare and workers' comp to the workers who are accomplishing the outsourced work. Moreover, these people frequently have their own offices and computer equipment and are capable of completing their work offsite.

Labor costs can be a significant portion of a company's budget for the year. A company that is capable of reducing their labor costs will be able to enjoy a greater bottom line without making any additional changes to their company operations. There are certainly other changes which can be made to increase profitability but reducing labor costs is a sure fire way of increasing profitability while different methods of increasing profitability such as marketing to different niches will not guarantee triumph.

"Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation." ~~ Larry Elder -- "The Larry Elder Show"

Outstanding Productivity

Another advantage of outsourcing is extraordinary productivity. Outstanding productivity can be another cost savings advantage for companies. When labor is outsourced there are a number of factors which contribute to excellent productivity. Productivity may grow due to workers being delegated suitable projects, workers being more productive and less cases of underutilization.

Assigning workers to tasks that are beyond their capabilities is one way to cause a decline in productivity. While challenging employees to think for themselves and take on increasing responsibility is worthwhile, giving an employee and assignment he is not qualified to complete can be damaging to productivity because of the learning curve involved. This is why it is so important to outsource complicated software tasks to experts in the industry. They are often able to complete complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

Outsourcing also makes employees more proficient because by permitting individuals to concentrate on only one job at a time there is less time drained transitioning from one job to another. Most employees and employers believe multi-tasking is a way to raise productivity but it can in reality have the opposite outcome. Staff members with too many responsibilities may feel pressured to work on each duty each day. This can be harmful because each time the staff member switches from one task to the next it is necessary to get back up to speed with the new task and remind himself where he left off when he stopped working on the project.

Lastly, outsourcing can lead to greater productivity by reducing underutilization. For instance outsourcing extremely specialized projects requiring expert scrutiny is preferable to maintaining this expert on staff when their services are only required on occasion. If this were a salaried staff member he would be largely underutilized. However, outsourcing these periodic projects to an authority prevents the underutilization phenomenon.

Increased Manpower

An additional way outsourcing can save you money is by way of supplying your company with increased manpower. This is markedly important for smaller companies who would usually be precluded from attempting to secure significant government projects. This is because there are generally requirements concerning the number of employees a company must have on hand to work on the project. Maintaining a organization of experienced individuals gives a company extra bargaining power when negotiating larger contracts.

Outsourcing is exceptionally ideal in this circumstance because it enables the company to work with tremendously experienced individuals when needed without having to keep these individuals as salaried staff members. This is significant because niche experts frequently become so individualized that working as an independent contractor is actually their only choice because as a salaried staff member they are more of a burden to companies than they are an asset. This is because many companies do not desire to carry the load of keeping these individuals on staff when they can outsource the labor to them on a per contract basis.

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