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             26 November, 2020

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A Career as a Personal Trainer

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2007-01-18 00:08:01     
Article by Robert McKenzie

With so many people looking to lose weight and get in shape, from celebrities to athletes to the average Joe, personal trainers are in big demand. Personal trainers serve as coaches, counselors and teachers, teaching people how to exercise and be physically fit. Because personal trainers are in high demand, this is a career field full of options.

Career Paths

There is a wide variety of career paths available to personal trainers. Among the possible career options are:

Independent business owner.

Personal trainers have the option of starting their own business and acquiring their own clients with which to work. With this option, a personal trainer sets their own hours, sets their own pay rates, and they choose with whom they will work. The downside is they are also required to run a business, including applicable taxes, marketing and scheduling.

Corporate fitness.

Many companies have or are starting workplace wellness programs, and they need personal trainers to work with the employees. A personal trainer can work in corporate fitness as part of a company that caters to corporate clients or they can seek out corporate clients as independent business owners.

Spas, resorts and cruise ships.

Many businesses that specialize in making people feel pampered and indulged include fitness programs in their services. Those fitness programs require personal trainers to work with the clients. In this situation, the trainer works for an employer, so hours are preset and the employer determines pay. On the bright side, however, a trainer does not work nonstop, so there is time to enjoy the surroundings.

Health clubs.

Health clubs exist to help people learn to be physically fit and to provide a place for people to exercise. Personal trainers are a vital part of a health club’s staff. They are essential to every program the health club offers.

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are required to have a certain degree of specialized knowledge to be successful in their careers. Included in the necessary knowledge is the following:


Personal trainers are often required to assist their clients in making wise food choices. For the person who wants to lose weight, completely changing their eating habits is often necessary, and the trainer needs to be able to help them make better decisions about what they are eating. Program design. Personal trainers need to be able to design a fitness routine for their clients that is efficient and effective. The program should also provide quick, noticeable results so the clients stay motivated.

Warm-ups and stretching.

Clients do not always realize the importance of warming up, and are even less likely to know the correct techniques for warming up. It is the job of the personal trainer to teach them warm-up and stretching techniques, as well as to explain how important these techniques are in preventing injuries.

Weight training and aerobic conditioning. Both types of exercise are essential to an overall fitness routine, and a personal trainer needs to be able to guide clients in both areas. Certification. There are several options for certification. Certification is required, regardless of which career path a personal trainer chooses.

Being a personal trainer is ideal for anyone who is interested in diet and exercise, and who wants to help others achieve physical fitness. There are several options for careers for a personal trainer, and jobs are available worldwide. With the right knowledge and proper certification, the possibilities are wide open for personal trainers.

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