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             24 January, 2021

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Jakob Steele's Predictions for 2007

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2007-01-16 23:08:59     
Article by Jakob Steele

Each year pundits, psychics, paupers and pawns make their predictions for the upcoming year. Many go undocumented and are later subject to the whims of memory and second hand accounts. For that reason these ten predictions will be fully documented. I encourage you to take note of them and inform others.

Owing to the complexity of the prediction process, the exact Numerological procedure will be left out and only the predictions themselves given. This will keep the article as simple as possible. Those who may be interested in the method of prediction may visit The Number Wizard for more information.

• 2007 will bring a dramatic upswing in reports of UFO activity around the world with startling revelations of government complicity.

• Stunning announcements from NASA. News pertaining to both the Moon and Mars. Technological advances.

• Sex crimes involving children will surge, including inappropriate student-teacher relationships. Solicitation of minors over the internet will gain national attention and lead to new federal regulation of the internet. Several high profile media cases involving child predators.

• A viable third party candidate will arise with the help of the world wide web and blogosphere. This candidate will not win but, will open the door to ‘internet candidates’ and lend credibility to the emerging ‘online democracy’.

• Democrat Party suffers from internal tensions. Splinter groups within the Party raise questions concerning their ability to govern with so much dissension from their ranks. An apparent failure to govern.

• Trouble in the American Southwest.

• Another 9-11 type event in the United States. Radiological or, possibly small nuclear event.

• New sector of the economy emerges as the ‘Medical Tourism’ market opens up. Dissatisfaction with health care in the U.S. will lead to more people traveling overseas for medical care.

• Tremendous activity in the ‘Ring of Fire’. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tidal waves with a large portion of the activity occurring during the late summer months. Natural disasters in the Pacific Ocean.

• War between Iran and Israel. Antisemitic sentiments will rise.

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