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             08 December, 2023

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Getting Your Work Published?

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2007-01-16 10:28:54     
Article by Alastair Harris

Whilst many people aspire to being authors most stop at the first challenge - getting published. How many great authors and great writers the world never came to know because to this we will never know. Most publishers are so bombarded with authors offerings that most don't even get read. The expense of editing, printing and marketing even a small print run of a book means most publishers won't risk taking on a new writer and most new writers don't have the money to pay the publishing costs for their first work or novel.

Fortunately today with the event of the internet getting published - at least on the online world is easy. I suggest people start with article writing. Its a great way to develop discipline and practice in writing on numerous topics. There are numerous article directories to choose from and you can start getting your name known on the internet.

Next get started on your next great work of fiction or non-fiction. For this you will have to learn how to create an ebook. Programs like Adobe make writing and publishing much easier. Whilst you no longer have to get a publishing company to appreciate your work or convince them that they can make a buck out of your book, it still pays to get an editor or friends to read through your work to advise on grammar, spelling and whether your work is any good and can attract an audience.

Although the internet makes it easier to produce an ebook and cuts out the publishing costs of printing you will still have to market your product or enter into an arrangement with others to sell your product if to want to make any money (what real authors do out of writing).

Fortunately the commercial nature of the web means there are many people to help. Owners of ebook stores will either buy your ebook alright if they like it with resale rights or seek a profit sharing arrangement. You can even set up your own website and seek to direct market it yourself.

Who knows some 'big' publisher may even come across your ebook and decide their company can make a buck out of hard copies of your works?

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This article is the property of Alastair HARRIS and his immediate family. It may be freely republished over the internet but must include original links.

URL: http://www.article-gems.com
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