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             06 December, 2021

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Dog Sledding - Preparing for Alaska

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2007-01-16 01:39:23     
Article by Michael Russell

Alaska is a great place to use a dog sled and sleds are one of the easiest ways to travel the state. You do not have to live there to practice dog sledding, you just need the right equipment. If you live in a warm climate, you do not want to get a Husky as a sled dog; the heat will make the dog slower. You could use the dog you already have depending on its size or you can use a hound or any shorthair breed. Since it does not snow in warm areas, there is no need for a sled, just use a mountain to practice and build your skills. Your dog has to be in good shape, likes to run and responsive to you whenever you give it a command on the bike. Use a harness to tie your dog to the bike and you are ready to start moving; make sure you ride in places without traffic. This is a great way to exercise and your dog will benefit as well. You and your dog will get to spend more time together and you will bond with your dog during the trip.

Commands are important, so you must teach them to your dog so that it knows when to turn and when to stop. They are simple to teach, you just have to repeatedly say a command and let your dog know what you want it to do. Basic commands are haw for left, gee for right and whoa for stopping, however you don't have to use these commands, you can make up your own as well.

A sled dog needs proper food so that it will have the energy to run fast for extended amounts of time. The best dog food is a kibble that has super premium on the bag. When you are shopping for it, remember, just because it says super premium does not mean it always is. Try to find the Eagle Pack Power brand, it is a great kibble for dog sleds, but it is expensive, however it will keep your dog healthy. Most importantly, give your dog plenty of water in its water bowl everyday with its food.

If you would like to get started with dog sledding in a different way, such as a dog tour business, you need different training. If you do not live in Alaska, you can visit Sierra Nevada Dog Driver in North California. You have to go college as well and after you finish, you can go to a touring company or racing kennel to see if you really want a dog sledding business. A good career is necessary because the business can get expensive and you will need extra time to train your dogs. A degree is also important; it can help you when you are marketing your new business.

Dog sledding is used as a way to travel and race in Alaska, if you do not live there, you can practice on a bike in your area until you visit the state. If you want to start a dog sledding business, go to college first because it can get expensive and a degree helps.

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