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             04 March, 2021

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Think Positive

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2007-01-15 10:23:04     
Article by Mohd Fairus

Hi there,

Have you ever Feel your day is bad in your workplace or school or where ever you are? I felt that too in the past. After trying this out, it CHANGED my life tremendously. VERY AMAZING! I would like to recommend to you this website and click on ENTER button to change a better YOU. Take charge of your BEAUTIFUL LIFE, 1 LIFE LIVE IT UP all the Way.

The word "attitude" applies to everyone regardless of age and profession.

Be it a student or executive, maid or teacher, employee or employer, attitude is the keyword. Without positive attitude, one can never become a good teacher, student or boss.

An employer with a negative attitude can never maintain a good rapport with his employees. The consequence, without doubt, is the downfall of his business.

Someone once wrote:

"Intelligence showed him the vision of business

Education and knowledge turned the vision into reality

But negative attitude ruined everything".

Every person has a different goal and ambition but the source of success for all is the same - "ATTITUDE".

It is everything in life. It follows you everywhere - whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you are.

"Attitude can't be learnt,

It must be acquired".

Life Story:

In the famous biblical story, a small shepherd boy killed a giant. David, a small 17-year-old shepherd visited his brother. He asked his brother if he could fight with the giant, Goliath. His brother answered David, "Goliath is too large to hit." David replied, "He is not too large to hit but too large to miss."

The small boy went out with a sling to fight with the giant. He killed the giant with a slingshot. Thus, as long as you have the will power and confidence, you can achieve anything regardless of the size of the difficulty.

The moral of the story is that everyone has a different perception to a huge task. Lazy and timid persons just give up on the task thinking it to be too difficult to achieve. However, the wise and the brave try to explore all possible avenues to achieve it.

Well, for those who wish to stay as what you are right now, ALL THE VERY BEST to you. Nobody can change YOU but YOU can change yourself.

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