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             13 July, 2020

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NLP - Modeling People for Pursuasion - Learn to Lead!

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2007-01-14 01:31:20     
Article by Dane Bergen

The aim of modeling NLP is to discover what the expert is doing, that they are not consciously aware of that bridges the gap between ordinary and extraordinary. Modeling NLP is achieved by taking an expert in anything area, be it surfing, dentistry, public speaking or video gaming, and study that persons beliefs, perceptions and behaviours. The modeler studies every aspect of what they do, and then mimics everything, then once this is comfortable for the modeler, he starts to cut out the things that don’t have any effect on the performance, until it has been sorted down into a few key things that are necessary to be an expert in that area. To test the modeling NLP, they then teach the techniques to someone else and see if they can produce the same results. If they can, then the modeling NLP has been a success.

The modeling NLP theory does not say that anyone can be Einstein, but rather that know-how can be separated from the person, documented and then transferred by copying and experience. This is also subject to the modelers own limits which will expand and improve with practice.

So how can you use modeling NLP to your advantage?

Well, you have probably already had the thought that modeling NLP sounds kind of like that scene in ‘The Matrix’ where neo is strapped to a chair and has the entire history of martial arts including all the skill and techniques wired into his brain in a matter of seconds. If only it were that simple, we would all be superhero’s! Modeling NLP is far more complex than that. Modeling NLP requires that you have someone to study in an area that you believe they have mastered and you also want to master, like someone who is really outgoing, or has a lot of financial freedom. The next step in modeling NLP is to break everything they do down to tiny segments like; He always makes eye contact, always smiles at people, always has his head held high and shoulders back, etc. Modeling NLP’s next step is to copy every single detail and put it into practice yourself and keep implementing more and more of the behaviours until you have mastered the skill. Modeling NLP then requires you to do this over and over until it become second nature to you and you don’t even have to think about it. Then hey presto! Modeling NLP has helped you to master a skill that otherwise could have taken years of trial and error.

So you can see that modeling NLP is something that can help revolutionize your life and make you a master in any area you choose. Use this wisely!

University Psychology Major
Extensive research in hypnosis and keen passion for the subject
Also skilled in many personal development technologies such as NLP.

Specialized in: Nlp - Modeling - Pursuasion - Learn - Lead
URL: http://www.hypnotismsecrets.com
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