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             30 October, 2020

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Human Hibernation Saved One's Life

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2007-01-14 01:25:42     
Article by Honman Chan

We all know that snake and Turtle can go to Hibernation state. But can human being go into Hibernation state? The answer is yes. Human being can go into Hibernation state.

A Japanese man survived 24 days in cold weather, without food and water by falling into a state of “hibernation”.

The Japanese, Mr Mitsutaka Uchikoshi, age 35, went missing in 7th Oct 2006 after going with friends to climb Mount Rokko in western Japan. He insisted on walking home after leaving a barbecue party, even though his friends insisted that he should take the cable car. He lost his way, slipped into a stream and broke his pelvis. He apparently lost consciousness after that.

A passing climber found his body 24 days later. He had almost no pulse, his organs had shut down and his body temperature had dropped to 22oC when he was found. Doctors who treated him believe he lost his consciousness after his fall and that his body’s natural survival instinct activated, sending him into hibernation state as the temperature on the mountain dropped to as low as 10oC.

Dr Shinichi Sato, head of the hospital’s emergency unit told the reporters. “He fell into a state similar to hibernation and many of his organs shut down but his head is protected. I believe his brain capacity has recovered 100 per cent.” Doctors said they did not expect him to experience any lasting ill-effects.

Experts say it remains unclear how the victim managed his extraordinary feat of survival. Professor Hirohito Shiomi of Fukuyama University said: ”This case is revolutionary if the patient truly survived at such a low body temperature over such a lone period of time.”

DrMike Grocott, an intensive care specialist at University College London, said: “People can be profoundly hypothermic and survive for moderate periods of time, but this sounds like an utterly extraordinary case. I haven’t heard of one similar with anything like the same length of survival.”

In 2004, a German research team found Madagascar lemurs hibernated for many months each year.

In 2001, Canadian toddler Erika Nordby was found outside almost frozen in sub-zero conditions. She was pronounced dead, her heart had stopped beating for two hours. Yet she made a full recovery.

Base on the facts above, it can be conclude that Human being can go into Hibernation state.

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