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Living By Vision

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2007-01-14 01:25:02     
Article by Daniel Belcher

The vision in a man’s life gives him the ability to achieve success; it sets him apart from others. He has found an ending that he can see, so he begins to work toward it. Something inside of him has been ignited to give him hope that his vision is possible. His heart begins to move him within his soul. His mind and his heart have allowed him to see that his vision is possible, if he keeps moving in the right direction.

Once captured, the vision begins to have a life of its own. The vision becomes real in the mind of the believer. It also moves with the motions of the believer as he moves in the faith towards his vision. To have a vision of reality causes one to move with the purpose necessary to achieve success.

He can find motivation for his visions in the words of the set aside scriptures. The words of the scriptures can cause one to see that an end is attainable and real. The victories and powerful words within of the scriptures can cause the spirit to become strong and determined.

We can also develop visions from living in righteous homes that provide good moral upbringing, which teach us self-reliance and self-determination. These positive factors help us to realize that we can achieve more than what we may have thought possible.

One is able to move forward towards his vision by taking one step at a time. You must travel through the middle to make it to the end. The end is only reachable by traveling the path.

A vision is necessary to achieve greatness. It is possible for us to do something greater than ourselves if we are able to acquire a vision, because it allows us to see a greater purpose and fulfillment to our lives.

There are times when a man must lean and trust in his creator for the strength to carry on when times get rough or his vision is somewhat faded. With the strength of Yahweh he will be able to stand through the rough times. While traveling the road to his vision, a man often finds it hard to understand why the road is sometimes rough and sometimes smooth.

His vision can be shared with other when the passions and fires are lit to achieve a common goal; This shared vision of purpose increases in strength as it grows within the communities; often the collective forces of all pulling together cause a greater outcome in the visions’ success.

A vision is the going outside of ones abilities and limitations to see a greater end for all. We should all live in the hopes of living a true life of vision.

I retired from United States Navy in 2003, after serving over 21 years of enlisted active duty onboard several different ships and a few shore assignments. I am married. My wife and i have two daughters. We have two dogs, Chow Chow's, to be exact.

URL: http://www.belwrites.com
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