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             26 November, 2020

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A Good Life: How to Secure a Happier Life - FamilyVision Column

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2007-01-13 02:42:41     
Article by Daryl Green

Melda was a top executive in her company. She possessed power, prestige, and wealth. She was the center of attention. However, she hated her job; it was a struggle just to get up in the morning. In time, Melda grew cold and impersonal to others. As her career accomplishments blossomed, her personal relationship deteriorated. Melda was a bitter person. Many wondered if she would ever change.

The “Me” Epidemic

Are you happy with your life? Do you enjoy getting up in the morning? If you don’t, I would suggest you pursue a more fulfilling life. As I pondered on “Our Daily Bread” readings, I came across a similar subject. The author found himself in this same situation. He writes, “Much of our living is spent acquiring and using money, which doesn’t last long….The temporary nature of material wealth makes it a poor bargain in the search for security in an insecure world.” Life is too short in dealing with trivial matters that do not improve the quality of your life. You need to change directions. This spiritual search is not about fulfilling a selfish need. It is a quest to determine where you fit in the universe.

If you can be happy, you will spread it to others. Positive energy is what the workplace needs. It is what our community desires. However, the media bombards us with the wrong messages. If I have money or power, I will be happy. Unfortunately, some people feel that chasing tangible goals will produce happiness. It won’t! According to a Yankelovich Monitor study in 1997, only 25% of adults said “a lot of money” signified success and accomplishment (down from 35% from previous year). Many people are succeeding in the corporate world while failing miserably at life. Why are people chasing empty dreams? Finding happiness is linked to personal fulfillment and meaning. Therefore, any pursuit of happiness without a deep understanding of yourself will be empty.

The In-depth Search

Finding happiness continues to be one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. More than 3,000 years ago, King Solomon conducted one of the most intensive studies in human existence. The story of Solomon is found in the book of Ecclesiastes. He had wisdom, wealth, and personal achievement. His prestige was known throughout the world. In I Kings Chapter 10, The Queen of Sheba hears about Solomon’s wisdom and riches; she is so intrigued with him that she makes a personal visit. She says to Solomon, “But I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. And there’s so much I didn’t hear about. You are wiser and richer than I was told.”

Solomon controlled the entire region of the Euphrates and had peace on every side of his country’s borders. Therefore, every pleasure was within Solomon’s reach. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines to serve him. Solomon had it all. However, this self –gratification was the major factor in Solomon’s downfall. In his old age, Solomon attempted to find the significance of life. The more he dealt with this matter, the more bitter and pessimistic he became. He remained empty.

In the end, Solomon realized none of these things would last. He writes, “nothing makes sense! Everything is nonsense….People come, and people go, but still the world never changes.” And so it is today, the wrong search in life will lead you to nothingness. If people can find a purpose in life, they can invest in their happiness in spite of the most tragic circumstances. Below are some suggestions for pursuing true happiness:

Write down the top priorities for you in life.
Write down the five things that you enjoy doing.
If money wasn’t an issue, determine how your life would change.
Develop 4-5 goals for the year that are simple and achievable.
Keep a journal to capture your thoughts.
Get rid of negative people in your life.
Develop a positive support network.
Grow your spirituality daily.

The Right Pursuit

In the hectic pace of 21st century living, individuals need to pursue the proper objectives to become happy. Sadly, Hollywood promotes the notion that “We can have it all. We deserve the very best.” When this philosophy is believed, it creates a generation of inwardly focused people. Obviously, it is far easier to pursue things (money, power, right clique, etc.) in terms of happiness because they are tangible to the eyes. However, this short path is not a road to fortune but perhaps a highway to destruction.

Regrettably, some people are unwilling to pursue their happiness because of personal risk. However, more valuable things in life require some personal sacrifice. Clearly, to not run in this race of significance is a calculated mistake. Goal-oriented individuals want quality and meaningful living. To have a good life, focus more on content. Don’t be guilty of running the wrong race. Start today!

Daryl and Estraletta Green provide personal advice all around the country. They are the author of several books, including My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples. They have been noted and quoted in such media organizations such as USA Today and AP. The Green’s nationally syndicated column, FamilyVision, reached 200 newspapers and over 12 million readers.

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