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             16 January, 2021

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A Holiday Story

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2007-01-11 00:33:15     
Article by Jeffrey Brownstein

It's that time of year again, and time for all the wonderful stories that accompany the season. Rudolph, Frosty, Mr. Scrooge. The truth is, everyone has a story. And none is more important to you than yours. So if a writer were hired to write your story, what would it say? Would it be a love story? A drama? A comedy or tragedy? More importantly, how is that story affecting you today? Is it serving you well, or is it more like a weight you lug around? You see, stories are nice, but there's something you must remember about them. They're make-believe. Even yours.

So what's your story? If you're like most people, you probably have different stories for different areas of your life. For example, maybe your career has been flourishing, and this is fueling high confidence in your current situation. But at the same time, you're single and have been searching 'forever' to find the right relationship. And in your present, this is cause for doubt and worry. Whatever your unique set of circumstances, chances are what's in your past - your story - is a huge factor in how you're feeling today. And when it comes to Law of Attraction, how you feel is everything.

Okay, let's try something here. Looking at a few key areas of life - career (this can include finances), health, relationships, spirituality - gauge how you're feeling right now with respect to each. Pause reading for a moment, and really take your pulse with these. Allow your deeper feelings to surface. What kind of messages have been playing over in your mind? How are your stories about what happened in the past contributing to how you're feeling today? How does this make you feel about your outlook for the future?

Are you starting to see how your stories might be limiting you? Let's say you did the exercise, and for 'health' you came up with, "I've been wanting to lose weight for a long time. I know I can do it, but every time I try, the same thing happens. I lose some weight, I feel good for awhile, but then I end up putting it right back on again." And even though these are only your past results, we often use the past as evidence for predicting our future. And how do you think the Law of Attraction responds to that? It gives you exactly what you create - in this case, more losing weight and putting it back on again. And it does this with precision. Every time.

It all comes down to the vibrations we're sending out to the Universe. And there are only two kinds - positive and negative. If you find yourself mired in negative self-talk, one tool you can use to break the pattern is to ask yourself, "So how else might this turn out?" This creates an immediate energy shift by allowing for the possibility of an opening where none existed before. Instead of being victim to a past which has produced consistently unwanted results, asking this question brings your power back to the present moment, offering you another potential outcome. And with this small shift in energy, the Universe will respond in kind with a shift in results.

We all come with a past, no one is denying that. Things happened. But the distinction arises in the meaning we place on what happened. For example, just because you had a fender-bender doesn't mean you're careless, a lousy driver, or "See, the cards of life really ARE stacked against me!" All it means is you had a fender-bender. That's all that happened, nothing more. And the moment after it happened, it was done and gone. Anything else you attach to the story is, for lack of a better word, bunk!

The Law of Attraction is always responding to the present moment. What you have today is the result of all your cumulative present moments. The power to change your circumstances comes in what you are thinking now, how you are feeling now - what you are vibrating now. And out of your vibrations, The Law of Attraction gives you more of the same. So the real challenge is keeping the energy in your present moment clear, so you consistently send out positive vibes. What you think about is what you become, so you don't want create your future by tossing junk from your past out ahead of you. When your parents taught you, "If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all," they were on to something! The same can be said about recalling your past. "If it ain't positive, it ain't worth remembering!"

There's a moment in my favorite musical 'Wicked' when Galinda (The Good Witch) comforts Elphaba (The Wicked Witch) by saying, "That may be your (story) Elphaba, but that doesn't make it true." And so it is with your story. Just because you've chosen to carry it your whole life - just because you've been rehashing that story over and over - doesn't make it true. You have such incredible power to create any story you want. In the words of Neale Donald Walsch, "Your life will be what you create it as, and no one will stand in judgment of it, now or ever." So let go of anything from your past that isn't contributing to your greatest good. Tell yourself the most phenomenal story you can imagine! Trust that the Universe gets your message loud and clear. Then allow yourself to reap the rewards of your new story. And we all live happily ever after.

Until next time...

With love,


Ask Coach Jeff...

Question: You know those people who always complain "There isn't enough time in the day"? Well admittedly, I'm one of them. On the one hand, I'm industrious enough to take on many projects in my life. But the other side to that is I'm constantly stressed about everything that needs to get done. I tend to procrastinate, and find I'm always rushing at the last minute to pull it all together. Any suggestions?

-A.J., New Jersey

First of all, congratulations for taking on big things in your life - that's awesome! It's important, though, to notice what you've been telling the Universe about it - "There isn't enough time in the day." And so, it's completely logical that The Law of Attraction is giving you back the exact vibrational match to your feelings. And for you, it sounds like this is showing up as day after day of there 'not being enough time.' Ok, so here's the truth: There's exactly enough time in the day - 24 hours - same for everyone. So just by adopting this thought (that there IS enough time) - even if you don't completely believe it's true at first - you'll begin to create an energy shift, which in turn will shift how you perceive your day. As you continue 'tweaking' your thoughts, you'll soon start to feel like someone who has LOTS of time to complete EVERYTHING you need to get done. And you'll find that's how the Universe will respond to you. If you make this one small shift, I guarantee you'll see results. It's Law, and can't possibly work any other way!

Jeffrey T. Brownstein is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), specializing in Law of Attraction. He has Bachelor's degrees in English and Metaphysics, and is also a Certified Energy Healer, Holistic Health Consultant, Landmark Education graduate, and has been a Group Exercise Instructor for 13 years. Jeff currently resides in New Jersey, and is working on a book about harnessing the power of Law of Attraction.

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