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Expand Your Horizons With a Car Bike Rack

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2007-01-08 00:00:14     
Article by Andrew Caxton

When you're going to try a new sport, you don't want to rush out and spend a lot of money on brand new equipment until you know whether or not you'll continue with the activity. If you're going to take up biking - mountain biking, touring, racing, whatever - there's quite a bit of gear that you can get at second hand which will serve your purpose.

You do have to be careful about the bicycle itself, however. In biking it is all about the bike. If you buy one that is a poor fit, it will spoil your ride and you'll be tempted to give up the sport without giving it a fair chance.

Once you've found you enjoy bike riding, however, you'll want to expand your horizons. The best way to do this is to get a bike rack for your car, so that you can go exploring your entire state - or even further afield!

You may wonder why you should buy a bike rack when you can just as easily stick your bike into the back of your car whenever you want to go somewhere. Well, you'll soon find that it's a hassle to try to fit your bike into the cramped trunk of your car. You'll probably have to take off one of the wheels, you might scratch the bike as you're trying to get it in or out of that confined space, and then you've got to put the wheel on again. If you've got an SUV you can put the bike in the back with greater ease - where dirt and oil from the wheels can damage your upholstery, and where the bike can rattle about making irritating noises.

No, the bike rack is the way to go. There are two main designs: the type that goes on the roof of the car or SUV, and the type that is attached to the rear of the car.

Find A Discount Bike Rack

Once you've decided on which kind of bike rack you want - and you have to give consideration to the safety of the roof rack over the rear mount, and whether or not you will have the strength to lift the bike up onto the roof by yourself - you'll want to get the best bike rack you can in your price range.

Now, here's where common sense comes in. Lots of people buy tons of equipment for a new sport, try it and decide they don't like, and so have a ton of equipment, with little use, to sell or give away. You can pick up quite a few good deals this way.

Keep an eye out for advertisements in your local paper. There's also plenty of sites on the Internet that offer discount and new bike racks for sale.

Being a savvy shopper is simply a matter of using common sense. Do research to know what you want, and compare prices so you know you'll be getting a good deal on the bike rack of your choice. The internet is an excellent source of information in this regard. There'll be product reviews, message boards where people chat about the various types of equipment - including bike racks, and shopping malls where you can compare prices.

If you're an impulse buyer....you've got to learn to curb that tendency! You'll be a lot happier if you wait a few days, do your research, compare your items, to ensure that you get the best car bike rack your money can buy at the price you want to spend.

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