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             24 November, 2020

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Re-Thinking Farming - The Solution To Obesity

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2007-01-03 23:31:53     
Article by Jonathan G. Michel

World leaders need to force an end to 'crazy' agricultural policies that fuel the global obesity epidemic by keeping unhealthy food cheap. This is what International Obesity Taskforce chairman, Philip James, told a gathering of experts in the field, that existing farm policies, particularly agricultural subsidies in the European Union and US, have been damaging people's health for decades.

'At the moment, the whole world is distorted by crazy agricultural policies which have, over a matter of 50 years, essentially caused heart diseases and diabetes and obesity epidemics,' according to this professor. He is a world authority who advised British Prime Minister Tony Blair on how to set up Britain's Food Standards Agency and prepared the original blueprint for the EU's Food Safety Agency.

He sais that the 'crazy' policies were developed after the last world war when it was generally believed that children needed a lot of meat, butter, milk, fat and sugar to overcome starvation. These products became dirt cheap, therefore they're being dumped on the markets of the world. Furthermore, there's a vicious trade battle going on which involves huge industrial powers. That is why fruit and vegetables and other healthy food options, have remained relatively expensive by comparison.

Not only is the food we eat responsible for 'obesity', its also responsible for elevated free radicals and toxicity, to a large extent, major contributors to serious illnesses including certain 'cancers'. Now here is an expert who acts as a consultant to govermental agencies telling us, that for over 50 years farming policies have been, almost knowingly, damaging people's health for decades.

OK, maybe I'm being unfair to judge them so harshly. After all they believed that our children needed a lot of meat, butter, milk, fat, and sugar, to overcome starvation and made it so we could all afford it. But now we know better, are more educated, are more outspoken (hint) and so forth.

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