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             24 January, 2021

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Deal Or No Deal

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2007-01-03 00:22:28     
Article by Ralph Morton

Yes this is what I believe could be the most important decision of your life. Deal or no deal?, well the deal is, are you going to work with me, and do what I ask you to lose weight.

Okay, I know in your mind right now you are thinking what the blazes is this guy talking about. Well, there are two reasons I am telling you why this is the most important decision of your life, first, should you lose weight for you will feel you are so full of energy and be raring to go, and what could be better than that. Imagine having the energy that you had those many years ago. What a change that would be to your life. Give it a thought of what it would be like.

If you happen to be, say 60 lbs overweight there is a way you could have a part-time business from home. After you have lost a substantial amount of weight people you know would come up and complement you on how you looki. You could take a before and after pictures and show them to others, it is amazing how much business you can aquire when you can compare the two pictures.

There are many benefits also by having your own business, apart from the nice thing of having that extra cash and doing all the things you have ever wanted to do. As a business owner you are able to write off so many items, such as your car, your phone, computer, part of your motgage or rent. There are so many benefits, don't worry I help all who I bring into this organization.

Now I would like to tell you why I am so confident you will lose a lot of weight. By the way, unlike many other companies that talk about losing weight, none ever assure you that the weight you lose will never return. As long as you use our maintainence program your weight will not return to what it was prior to your cleanse.

I do not know if you are aware the problem we have in this world regarding toxins and why in order for your body and organs to work properly you must cleanse.

Have you ever asked yourself this question, why is it today we have more obese people? Up 67% of the population are overweight today. There were a great lot less many years ago. A few, but in no way were they around as they are today, and believe me it will get worse. It will not get any better unless people educate themselves. Unless they know why this is happening, the problem will continue to grow.

Think of this; in the 1950' and 60's we never had so many obese people as we have today. In fact, I believe people did not get fat, they just did not like to draw attention to themselves. I guess there were one or two around, however lot too many. Don't tell me it was because some of us did not have enough to eat, because even then we had those who were financially comfortable but did look after themselves. Their health and well being was as it should be.

I can recall a while ago I watched Ophra Winfrey, she had a program where a Specialist brought cadavars (a bit grizzly I assure you) to show what happens to our bodies are taken over by toxins. In front of the cameras, he cut this body open and took out of the stomach cavity a block of pure fat of approximately 10lbs. He cut into the fat and deep inside he found the liver. He commented to the audience that there was no way the liver or any other organ could have functioned at top efficiency with all this fat around. He gave a lengthy lecture on the way toxins are causing all these problems.

Prior to this program I had read an article about the way toxins affected our bodies. That was two and a half years ago, I made a decision that I would make sure that I did a cleanse to rid myself of toxins. The best decision I ever made.

I must tell you this, my wife and I, little did I realize it were growing old. I was fat and unhealthy, my golf game had disappeared, and both of us spent most of our time on the sofa watching television.

Now my friends, my wife and I play as much as we can, we also play other games also. Life is 200% better. I am 78 and I feel somewhere around 55.

If you don't take my advice and have a cleanse, your life will remain as it is, however, please do me a favor, click on Google and do a search for toxins. That should convince you to give yourself a cleanse.

I also need people to help me get this message accross, just think of how many people out there who need our help.

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