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             31 October, 2020

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Impotence - Your Erection Relies On Nitric Oxide How To Increase It Naturally

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2006-12-28 00:11:57     
Article by Sacha Tarkovsky

If you have never heard of nitric oxide it is actually critical in getting an erection. Many men who turn to drugs such as Viagra to cure impotence may not need to do so, as there are natural ways to increase nitric oxide.

Let’s look at what it does and how you can naturally increase it, to ensure a strong erection.

Peak Sexual performance in men is a combination of desire and the ability to get an erection and nitric oxide is critical to the process.

If you don’t get enough nitric oxide you will fail to get an erection – Period.

Nitric Oxides Role in the Erection Process

The erection process begins with sensory and mental stimulation in the brain and impulses from the brain to the nervous system trigger the release of nitric oxide.

This has the affect of making the muscles of the penis relax, thus allowing blood to flow into the spongy tissue of the penis and bring an erection to fruition.

Nitric Oxide and Age

Nitric Oxide declines naturally with age and many men who are getting older simply need to boost their levels of nitric oxide.

Problems can be physical problems such as hardening of the arteries which restricts the flow of blood flow into the penis.

Nitric oxide is produced in several areas of the body and an important area of production is in the walls of the arteries.

Arteriosclerosis (plaque in the arteries) impedes the production of nitric oxide and also contributes by preventing the flow of blood especially to the penis.

Natural Supplements for Nitric Oxide

There are several natural supplements that are proven to help with the production of Nitric Oxide and which help the blood flow better and they are:

L-Arginine, Gingko Biloba and Ginseng

All are safe to take and do not need a prescription.

The first one mentioned L Arginine, is known as “natures Viagra” and in clinical tests 80% of men improved their erections and satisfaction from sex after just a few weeks.

The latter two Chinese supplements have been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and are popular worldwide and both increase circulation and increase blood flow.

You need Nitric Oxide So Get It Naturally

Nitric oxide is critical for peak sexual performance as we have just seen, so before you turn to prescription medication try the above supplements and see if you can improve the flow of nitric oxide naturally and improve your sexual performance.

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