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             09 June, 2023

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The Benefit of Cognitive Therapy

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2006-12-26 02:21:36     
Article by David Z

Cognitive Therapy is a type of psychological treatment that is operated in the area of several human emotion influenced by thoughts, beliefs & attitudes. Aaron Beck, M.D was the pioneer to introduce Cognitive Therapy as a major treatment for depression, panic, anger control, & other related psychological problems.

Cognitive Therapy is mainly used in various phases of depression. There are many reasons causing depression. Biological change, negative stubbornness, catastrophic incidents can cause depression. But one thing is common in all depression related cases & that is useless negative thinking. Depressed people can think in maximum possible negative way to any matter. This negative thinking tendency creates a sense of insecurity amongst them. Cognitive Therapy comes in to the picture at that moment of depression. Cognitive Therapy is a special way of treatment that helps people to identify the negative ways of thinking and then guide them to rectify their way of thinking. Ultimately, it helps depressed people to think in a positive and logical manner, which can reduce the degree of depression.

It is really a misconception that only “Positive Thinking” can reduce the level of depression. Thinking with positive attitude is very important to reduce depression, but more important thing is to learn identifying the negative thoughts and converting them to a positive note. As it is quite evident that depressed people cannot stop thinking negatively, they should be taught to learn identifying their negative thoughts. Cognitive Therapy can do it most scientifically among all therapies. Cognitive Therapy also helps depressed people to dispute their negative thoughts once they are capable to identify it. With accurate and long lasting practice of Cognitive Therapy can work as a wonder for any depressed person.

But, it is also to be remembered that, Cognitive Therapy is not a magic therapy that can transform a depressed fellow to a cheerful guy with in a month or so. It is very much important to learn the basic skills at the initial stage to explore the best benefit out of Cognitive Therapy. Self-monitoring of stream of thoughts, identifying negative thoughts, ideas and attitude and ultimately thinking in a more realistic manner altering the negative approach are the much-needed skills in Cognitive Therapy. Initially, it gets very difficult to adopt the preliminary sessions of Cognitive Therapy. But, long lasting practicing of the basic skills can affect more and bring much relief to the depressed. So, it is always advised to practice the basic skills of Cognitive Therapy as much as possible to gain the maximum benefit.

At the initial phase cognitive-behavioral therapy, a therapist may ask patient to fill up a variety of self-assessment type questions. The main reason is to get an overview of symptoms and problems of the patient. These questions evaluate mental factors like personality, mental stage, depression, anxiety, anger etc. This unique method is very useful to learn the problems of a particular patient. Then, the therapist can start his treatment. Customize method of treatment is one of the greatest advantages of Cognitive Therapy.

In Cognitive Therapy, several patients can even practice exercises in his own style. It is a proven fact that an active patient will be cured up soon. This self-help method is a unique advantage in Cognitive Therapy.

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