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             13 May, 2021

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Symptoms of Diabetes: Know What To Watch For

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2006-12-26 02:20:15     
Article by Gabriel J. Adams

Diabetes is a very dangerous illness that plagues millions of people around the world. Diabetes can cause many different problems, and sometimes if left unchecked, can even cause death. Diabetes is a chronic health condition where the body is unable to produce insulin from the pancreas to properly break down glucose. The main treatments for diabetes are daily shots of insulin, a proper diet, and a regular exercise program. One of the main problems with diabetes is trying to diagnose the disease, because the symptoms are not easy to identify at first.

The classic symptoms of diabetes usually are frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, and unexplained weight loss. Along with these classic symptoms you might also experience fatigue, blurred vision, odd aches and pains, dry mouth, dry or itchy skin, impotence in males, vaginal yeast infections in women, poor healing of cuts and scraps, or excessive or unusual infections.

If you are experiencing any of the classic symptoms then you should immediately go to the doctor so that you can be tested for diabetes. If you are experiencing two or more of the other symptoms for a period longer than a few weeks, then you should also visit the doctor to be checked. All of these symptoms are caused by the higher glucose levels that are in your bloodstream when you have diabetes.

The reason that you have frequent urination is because your body is trying to remove the excess glucose out of your blood. This usually causes dehydration, which will make you thirsty and also make you have dry mouth and dry, itchy skin. Diabetes is also very well known for causing problems with your vision, so if you have a major change in your eyesight over a short period of time, then you need to go get checked by a doctor. Diabetes is a very serious illness, but if you get help from a doctor, try to eat right, and exercise regularly you can still leave a long and productive life after being diagnosed.

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