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             30 October, 2020

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Muscle Building - The Do's And Don'ts

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2006-12-24 02:34:05     
Article by Philip S.

If you have any experience in building muscle then you will more than likely be familiar with a few of the "rules" that you should follow, these may not be known or even followed by everyone who builds muscle but I highly suggest you to follow these things, they will make a big difference in the end.

*Don't over work yourself - It is a big problem with people who are very determined that they actually become a little too determined and end up working themselves so hard that they get extreme pains or they do serious damage such as to an important muscle, do not work so hard that it actually does damage instead of benefits you.

*Do train regularly - You must have a regular plan that you strictly follow otherwise you are just wasting your time and effort, muscle will not stay with you forever, you need to maintain it and continue to build it, if you don't have a plan that you follow then you will not build muscle at any decent pace at all.

*Don't over train one area - By that I mean you should be focusing on all areas of your body and not just one, if you only focus on one then you will end up with, for example, a very strong and muscular arm but with skinny and weak legs, this would obviously look very out of porportion and pretty strange to be honest.

*Do your research - It's not a good idea to simply jump in and try to be a master of body building, instead you should be learning from those who have been there and done it all before, find out where you can get information about building muscle and get it, read it and take action using what you learn, you will find things should go much quicker and easier for you.

*Don't feel bad if you don't grow quick - Too many people expect instant results, they expect to be a muscle ridden mass with just a few days of working, well, this is not going to happen, you need to train and train until you get the results you want and in most cases (practically never), it won't be overnight.

*Do stick to it - Like above, too many people expect very fast results but if this is what you are expecting then you will be quite disappointed, the results WILL come, you just need to stick at it and keep going until you get what you want, don't give up, keep going and build that muscle.

Those are just a few things you should understand about the do's and dont's of muscle building and exercising in general, if you realise and understand those things then your entire experience should be much better and easier all round, so get to it and build some muscle.

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