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             28 February, 2021

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How to Go from Toned Abs to Shredded Abs

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2006-12-24 02:33:31     
Article by Rusty Moore

To see toned abs you will need to get your body down to a low body fat percentage. It isn't tricky to get down to a low body fat level. There are several methods to do this that work. Honestly, getting toned abs is just a matter of self-discipline. Let's go over the basics...

A Proven Strategy to Getting Toned Abs

When you are far from your goal of getting down to a low body fat level, it will be easy to drop body fat. For example...if someone needs to lose 100 pounds of fat, they will have a breeze burning off their first 20 pounds...if someone needs to lose 25 pounds, they will have a tougher time losing their first 20 pounds. The closer you get to your goal the harder you are going to have to work. You can't continue to exercise at the same intensity level and expect to continue to make progress. You must increase the intensity level the closer you get to your goal.

Amazing Tip on How to Go From Toned Abs to Shredded Abs

This is something I have never heard anyone talk about. If you want to get really shredded abs, you simply must keep your body fat low for a long period of time. What happens is that it takes a while for your loose skin to tighten up and "fill in the grooves" in your abs. If you can maintain a reasonably low body fat percentage for over one year, I will guarantee you that you will love the way your abs look.

The Problem With "Bulking Up"

Many trainers recommend that people eat excess calories during the winter and lift heavy to gain muscle. Then in the winter it is recommended that you hit cardio hard and burn off all that fat to get ripped. The problem with this approach is that your skin never has the time to really tighten up around your muscles. If you stay lean year round, you will eventually have better muscle definition than just about everyone in your gym. The nice thing about staying lean year round is that you look good all year, not just part of the time.

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