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             09 July, 2020

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Holiday Depression

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2006-12-24 02:32:52     
Article by Michele Graham

During the holiday season, it seems that even with all of the lights and gifts and fanilies reuniting, depression rears it's ugly head at this time

Some people are depressed because they have less financial resources than others. Others are depressed because of relationships that have been distanced by misunderstandings. Lack of time to get all challenges faced in a timely manner is another cause of depression.

Clinical depression is a disease and can be treated with medications from your physicians. Holiday depression, on the other hand should be addressed in a different manner.

If you are depressed because you don't have money for gifts, be creative. You can make hand - written gift certificates for house cleaning, trips to the store, cooking a meal for a couple of months, or even baby sitting. These cost you no more than your time and will be appreciated as well.

If you bake, there is not anyone who would not love a confection from your kitchen.

If you are depressed because you are alone, or maybe your family is far away, then busy yourself helping others with volunteer work at the Salvation Army or another organization that is set up to help others. Or make yourself available to the children's ward at your local hospital to read to the children there. Or you could go to any of the nursinghomes in your area and just visit the one's who have no one to visit them.

Doing for others takes the focus of our own problems or issues away. Look around. Instead of allowing yourself to be depressed, think of what you can do to help another have a happy holiday. It is the best medicine ever!

Michele Graham-CEO and owner of Professional Healthcare Management has 41 years in the healthcare industry. She writes about business issues in all businesses and the healthcare field as well.

Specialized in: Neuropathy - Medical Supplies - State Income Tax Forms - Voice Recognition Software - Credentialing - Peripheral Neuropathy - Teacher Credentialing - Diabetic Neuropathy - Commission On Teacher Credentialing - Durable Medical Equipment - California Commission On Teacher Credentialing
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