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             05 December, 2022

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Rural New Mexico Oasis Provides Natual Skin Care

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2006-12-23 01:44:36     
Article by Mary Ellen Merrigan

Natural implies simple, healthy and close to nature; it means being an integral part to the whole. Like organic, natural is that which is fundamental. Natural is readily accessible or obtainable.

Would you spend $250 on a handcrème, only to apply it while wearing gloves? Of course not! Yet, that's what a majority of people do daily and weekly when they neglect to exfoliate their skin.

The Garden Gate Day Spa, located on The Center For Ageless Living Campus, walks its natural talk by incorporating the bounty from our own pesticide free garden beds into spa therapies. Harvested at the peak of their bloom, flowers and herbs are dried and ground into a fine flour for use in face and body treatments.

These powders, used dry or mixed into a paste with the addition of hydrosols, oils and/or other beneficial natural ingredients evolve to Lavendar Relaxation, Orange Blossom Renewal, Rosebud Restorative, Citrus Polisher, Amber Waves of Grain, or Fruit Basket Facial at The Garden Gate Day Spa. Botanically-named treatments from which you pick authenticate the spa.

A variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers, grow on campus. The orchard produces quince, plums and almonds. Rosemary, lavendar and rose bushes yield many healing benefits when applied topically. RoseHips Flour helps protect skin from capillary damage by hydrating, firming and toning skin tissues.

Rose Petals Flour, a mood elevator, reduces stress. Lavendar soothes, relaxes and balances skin. Rosemary Flour which contains vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium may be used to increase circulation, stimulate muscles and enhance mental clarity.

Garden Gate flours combine with locally harvested honey, organic grains and fresh fruit juices, to gently rid skin of dry, flat and dull cells. This in turn, contributes to a healthy lifestyle both internally and externally.

Thus, the premise that natural reflects ageless radiance. Experience natural skin care at The Garden Gate Day Spa and Salon, located on Highway 47 just north of South El Cerro Loop in Los Lunas.

The Center for Ageless Living is a unique facility that embraces and supports aging with a variety of programs and services that include family and community involvement. The five elements of The Center include Senior Living Systems, Personal Living Systems, the Garden Gate Day Spa and Salon, Green House Rotisserie and Community Park Program.

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URL: http://www.nmagelessliving.com
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