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             17 May, 2021

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Treating Acne Naturally - Does It Have Side Effects?

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2006-12-21 02:25:39     
Article by Peter Salazar

There are number of medications and therapies which claim to cure the acne completely. But it is not true. There is no cure for acne. However, certain medications, alternate therapies, dietary supplements, topical creams etc can help you in relieving the discomfort and insightful appearance produced by acne. Even though scientists have had success in producing some unbelievable results in the field of industry, space etc the specific medication for acne cure is yet to be formulated.

Number of factors responsible and various forms of acne are creating hurdle in formulating the perfect medication for acne cure. Though there are number of medications available in the market people prefer home made remedies and other natural approaches for treating their acne condition. It is so because medications have their limitations and as such may be required to be consumed for prolonged periods. Another drawback is that some of these medications can produce side effects. Use of natural dietary supplements like colloidal is part of natural approach towards treatment of acne. Use of colloidal silver will provide you following benefits

Colloidal silver supplements help you in strengthening body immune system. The microscopic silver particles in these products are obtained through non-chemical process which facilitates easy absorption and movement in the human body.
Colloidal silver posses the features of natural antibiotic and known for its property of killing micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Colloidal silver eliminates possibility of germ reproduction by disabling the biological function of germs.
Colloidal silver has proven results in killing more that 650 types of bacteria
Colloidal silver provides result without incurring side effects.

Colloidal silver is obtained from pure natural silver with the help of colloidal generators through electro-charging non-chemical process. Silver particles in colloidal silver supplements are absorbed by cells and circulated to various body parts without undergoing digestive process. The microscopic size of silver particles helps in reaching the affected area. When the bacteria (which are considered as one of the major causes responsible for occurrence of acne) come in contact with silver particles, they die due to blocking of enzymes (that are essential for bacterial growth) by silver particles.

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