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             22 January, 2021

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Acne and How To Treat It Naturally

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2006-12-21 02:25:14     
Article by Peter Salazar

Usually, acne is considered a common skin disorder. This is not the complete truth. In medical language acne is regarded as pilosebaceous unit disorder. Sebaceous gland, hair and hair follicle are the main constituents of pilosebaceous unit. Such units are present on all parts of our body. However, the density of these units may vary on different parts. Chest, neck and face are the body parts which have dense pilosebaceous units. This aspect makes these parts more prone to occurrence of acne.

Acne appears in form of cysts, papules, nodules, pustules etc. Some of these are mild and some are severe. Prolonged existence of acne may lead to depression. Factors like unhygienic and irregular eating habits, hormonal imbalances, stress, pre-existing health conditions are considered as main caused responsible for development of acne. Some researchers attribute occurrence of acne to sexual activities and use of certain medications. Whatever may the cause the available treating options are similar for all forms of acne.

Fortunately there are some medications, alternative therapies and home made remedies available for treating acne condition.

Natural elements like iron, silver, gold etc are considered essential for proper functioning of body’s immune systems. Silver has been use since hundreds of years for treating various illnesses. The colloidal silver is the latest version of natural silver supplement. Clinical trials have proved that use of colloidal silver has produced positive results in treatment of number of diseases, especially infectious diseases.

Micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) are toxic to silver and hence colloidal silver is can be used for helping treatment of acne. Silver particles in colloidal silver supplement are absorbed directly by the cells and then transported to various body parts without undergoing digestion process. When the bacteria come in contact with these silver particles they die and are eliminated by lymphatic system. Colloidal silver is a safe method to help in treating acne.

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