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             24 January, 2021

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Discover The Secret To Making A Living Trading Futures Online Guaranteed!

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2006-12-20 00:49:22     
Article by Glen Stevens

Trading Commodities

Futures Trading involves a trading style based upon the potential Future performance of certain commodities and agricultural products; like coffee, sugar, gas, oil, gold. Speculators are in the commodities market only to make money and often buy and hold positions for just hours or even minutes. They have to be traded through people and firms who are registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

Electronically traded contracts, such as the e-mini's tend to be the most liquid whereas the pit traded commodities like corn, orange juice etc are not so readily available to the retail trader and are more expensive to trade in terms of commission and spread. They have no real interest in buying or selling the commodities for use; instead they buy the commodity on paper and sell it for profit. It is a standardized contract that is used to buy or sell an underlying instrument this being the derivative of an asset, which is usually bonds or commodities at a date in the future at a price fixed on the last day of trade.

Futures trading is actually commodities trading - it is the practice of trading commodities to turn a profit, and it takes experience to truly become successful at this type of investing.

Futures Speculation

Speculation brings about a gradual adjustment of prices to the contingencies foreseen by the speculator. It follows from the above that speculation steadies the trend of prices and restricts the movement of prices within a narrow range. You might think that this is gambling, but the fact is that speculation refers to the condition of a legitimate enterprise based on the current condition of the market trends.

All futures contracts are generally made for the purpose of speculation or hedging. The futures contracts are made for two distinct purposes: speculation and hedging. However, true trading is actually speculation (managed risk).

Once speculation began using futures contracts, it went beyond the demand and supply of actual goods. These kinds of contracts are based on speculation and the speculation is done based on market trends.

Sometimes over enthusiasm and bad speculation has resulted in disasters.


An exciting alternative to Forex and Futures Trading at E-currency Trading. In simple terms e-currency is Internet Money. The demand for e-currency should only grow as Internet Commerce grows.

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