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             27 January, 2021

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Best Secured Credit Card Deal - Beware

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2006-12-18 23:29:49     
Article by Michael Pitt

Why you should beware of a best secured credit card deal today? If you have been in the credit card market for quite a while and know how the credit industry has evolved and modified in many positive and negative ways, the answers are simple. When you do not have a clue of the ins and outs, it becomes unforgettable to many hard working consumers when they deploy their money and trust in such issuers.

First of all, you should always beware of advertised sites on the Internet claiming to have the greatest 0% APR credit request approval. The reason behind the why of such important fact is that many affiliate companies that promote fortune 500 credit issuers like VISA, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX may not have the best interest in you. While big companies like VISA, AMEX, Discover, and Mastercard are in the lookout to protect the consumer with their acceptance or even without the acceptance of your business and contract, many affiliate sites that promote this kind of credit cards do not have your best interest in mind unfortunately.

The reason to this whole dilemma is that I have seen a few websites promoting credit cards yesterday and today they are just disappeared without a single trace of what happened to the page that cannot be displayed. Does not happen for 1 or 2 days, but I have already seen a site that have gone into sink and definitely for me his is on the blacklist of affiliate trusted sites for my consumers.

So in a nutshell explanation requesting a best secured credit card deal out of the Internet today requires some diligence and some skills. You may get robbed or you might never received information from the credit card issuer. It will all depend on how the credit affiliate sites works and their reliability in such moment.

I am telling all my consumers to beware because of these possibilities. Many people get robbed on the Internet today just for the fun of it. Many are left without identities for placing orders and requesting credit and later know that they got scammed by a site that was just their to take their personal information.

Another big time fact is to beware again of the 0% APR for a lifetime once getting approval in affiliate sites. Fact is that you need to clearly see what the credit issuer notifies and confirms you with the offer, not with the affiliate site that works with the credit issuer. So in precise words, getting a best secured credit card deal today can be dangerous and cost effective, just remember who to trust this days.

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